PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/30/19 (Annual Passholder Perks, World Showcase Touch-Ups, Joffrey’s Brownies, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/30/19 (Annual Passholder Perks, World Showcase Touch-Ups, Joffrey’s Brownies, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/30/19 (Annual Passholder Perks, World Showcase Touch-Ups, Joffrey’s Brownies, and More!)

Good morning Epcot! Let’s take a lap and see what’s new.

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epcot7 29 19 13

They’ve been doing some work in The Seas recently. They’re replacing the carpet, but also they’ve taken down the colored panels from inside the tank again. I suppose they were having trouble with them.

epcot7 29 19 12

epcot7 29 19 14

You can see the most recent progress on the Rose Walk pathway between Future World and World Showcase in our coverage here.

epcot7 29 19 15

Test Track is down. “Bring out the hula hoops!!!”

epcot7 29 19 16

Either this splash pad is out of order, or it’s reserved for a Frozen Dessert Party.

epcot7 29 19 4

This sign for the Epcot Character Spot has been missing for a few months now. It popped back up today, finally…

epcot7 29 19 5

just in time for the Character Spot to close in six weeks.

epcot7 29 19 8

I did notice a fun detail on the windows of the Character Spot this morning, though. Princess signatures!

epcot7 29 19 7

epcot7 29 19 6

V.I.Passholder Perks

epcot7 29 19 10

In an effort to get guests to actually come to Epcot this Summer, Disney recently unveiled a number of “perks” for Annual Passholders from now until the end of August.

epcot7 29 19 9

One of those is the “secret dessert” they have available only to passholders in Sunshine Seasons in The Land. You can read our thoughts on it here.

epcot7 29 19 21

I do put “perks” in quotations, because most of them are rather underwhelming. Like this “special” PhotoPass opportunity.

epcot7 29 19 22

Hoo-boy, do I feel special.

epcot7 29 19 23

One of the other perks, among temporary discounts at Block and Hans, is priority seating to Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Live! Supposedly you just have to enter the America Gardens Theater from this side and show your annual pass. I saw no signs referencing this as an option, but I assume a Cast Member was stationed here closer to show time.

World Showcase Maintenance

epcot7 29 19 20

The Germany pavilion has been getting a little bit of love recently. They’ve been doing some repainting, and fixing up a few other minor areas on the facades.

epcot7 29 19 19

epcot7 29 19 18

You’ll see scrims like these up in various locations until the refurbishment is finished.

epcot7 29 19 17

They’ve been repainting the fountain, as well, which is why it’s been turned off for the last few days.

epcot7 29 19 26

Over in the United Kingdom pavilion, near the back, is the location of the former (and future) Winnie the Pooh meet and greet. The last time it was in this location, it had FastPass+ touch points.

epcot7 29 19 25

They have recently removed those touch points. I’m not sure if that means the returning Winnie the Pooh meet a greet won’t have FastPass+, or if it just means they’re replacing the infrastructure. We’ll find out in September.

epcot7 29 19 27

They’ve got a good selection of Winnie the Pooh stuff ready to go in the Toy Soldier already, the shop that the meet and greet will empty into.

epcot7 29 19 31

Canada! Oh, Canada. What are we going to do with you? You’re a mess right now, with all this scrim. Hopefully when this refurbishment is done, and when the new CircleVision film premieres, you’ll be back to your old shining self again.

epcot7 29 19 32

If you haven’t seen the current version of O’ Canada before, you’ve got very little time left. Last show is on July 31st. Hop to it!

Merchandise, Et Cetera

epcot7 29 19 28

In other news, the Joffrey’s cart near Canada has brownies now.

epcot7 29 19 29

epcot7 29 19 30

I’m glad they’re expanding beyond basic pastries.

epcot7 29 19 33
“Italia” hat ($19.99)

I really like this apparel I found in Italy.

epcot7 29 19 34
“Italia” Sweatshirt ($54.99)

epcot7 29 19 35

epcot7 29 19 1
“Italia” Grey Sweatshirt ($44.99)
epcot7 29 19 24
“Salut de Paris!” Sweatshirt ($44.99)

I found this one, appropriately enough, in France.

epcot7 29 19 3
Toy Story patches ($19.99)

I found these patches in Mouse Gear. Perfect for the Toy Story fan.

Thanks for reading along!