REVIEW: New Limited-Time “Annual Passholder Secret Treat” Ice Cream Sandwich at Sunshine Seasons

In an effort to keep Epcot populated (and profitable) in the days leading up to the 2019 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, Disney has released a number of promotions just for Annual Passholders to enjoy, including reserved seating at the America Gardens Theatre, special PhotoPass photo ops, and more! One such promoton was the mysterious “Secret Menu” passholder treat at Sunshine Seasons, and we are pleased to reveal that it is a massive gelato cookie sandwich!

As mentioned, the secret menu item is available at Sunshine Seasons in The Land pavilion:

It isn’t out or readily available in any of the dessert cases, so you do have to ask a Cast Member for it.

It comes in this handy clamshell case. If you’re wondering, these are the same containers used to package the massive cupcakes made at the bakery here. That should give you an idea of how big this is.

The sandwich is comprised of two vanilla cookies and a thick slab of vanilla bean gelato in the middle, coated on the sides by mini crispy chocolate pearls and chocolate drizzle on one of the cookies. It’s a great-looking dessert, despite being a simple one.

Oh, she thicc. It’s almost impossible to eat it due to how large the ice cream section is, but nothing beats ice cream and cookies for breakfast.

The cookie has a nice snap to it, almost like a Nilla Wafer, however do be warned that the chocolate drizzle on one side will get on your fingers as it comes to room temp, making for a bit of a mess.

It was nice seeing actual vanilla bean flecks in the ice cream, for a change.

Overall, Sunshine Seasons rarely makes a bad dessert, and this limited-time addition just for Annual Passholders is a fun and refreshing treat. Instead of heading to Coral Reef for the “free” ice cream dessert with the purchase of an adult entree, we honestly suggest you fork over the $4.39 for this instead. This secret menu item will be available for purchase from July 29-August 28 while supplies last.

Now head out there and treat yo’ self.