Move it Shake it Mousekedance it

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/15/19 (Castle Pathway Construction, Astro Orbiter is Down, Turkey Sandwich at Pinocchio Village Haus, and More!)

Welcome to another summer day here at the Magic Kingdom. It’s an overcast morning, so the weather is just a little cooler. Let’s hope the rain holds off!

Mickey rice krispy treats being prepared

The new windbreakers are available at the Emporium, although they aren’t displayed too well.


We were disappointed to find that Astro Oribter was closed. We were told this is the fourth day it’s been down. We’ll have to try back tomorrow.

Astro Orbiters

Astro Orbiters

There is a lot of activity taking place on the TRON construction site. We can see the framework for the building is starting to tower higher than the track. There is a crew at work, even a few of them climbing ladders high up on the track. That looks like an intense job. It looks like this side is coming along quickly!

tron track


Tron track with Framework

The sky is cloudy, but it’s still really nice out today!


We spotted a new PatcheD “Love Comes in Every Color” path for $9.99 at Mickey’s Star Traders.

Love Comes in Every Color PatcheD patch

There are some construction walls up around the restrooms in Fantasyland, near Pinocchio Village Haus. The restrooms are still open, though. The walls just wrap around the area with the water fountains. It looks like the pavement in the area could be getting touched up.

Construction walls up near Pinocchio Village Haus Fantasyland Restrooms

Fantasyland restrooms construction

Construction on the ground around the water fountains outside Fantasyland restrooms

Inside Pinocchio Village Haus, we noticed a Turkey Sandwich was added to the children’s menu for $6.99. From what we could tell, it looks like the sandwich is served cold.

Turkey Sandwich on the Kid's Menu at Pinocchio Village Haus

When checking in on the Cinderella Castle Pathway Expansion, we noticed a big difference from the last time we visited. They’ve torn up the concrete so the pathway is mostly dirt now. That’s pretty good progress from our last visit.

Cinderella Castle Pathway

Dirt pathway next to Cinderella Castle

There are a lot of large tour groups, but the park doesn’t feel too crowded. Maybe the threat of rain is keeping the crowds away.

Adventureland Tikis

It’s time to Move it, Shake it, MousekeDance it!

Move it Shake it Mousekedance it

Move it shake it mousekedance it

Move it shake it mousekedance it

Thanks for following us around the Magic Kingdom. Stay tuned to for more updates!