PHOTOS: New Fantasyland, Pixar, Purple Wall, and Attractions Windbreakers Arrive at Walt Disney World

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With the summer months bringing in a slew of unpredictable weather, it’s best to stay prepared. Luckily, with these cool new windbreakers, you can stay protected from the elements while repping your favorite Walt Disney World attraction, land, or photo wall. We found a full collection of them at MouseGear in Epcot. Check out all the designs below!

Fantasyland Windbreaker – $49.99

The Fantasyland windbreaker features starry blue sleeves and a Fantasyland logo with a ring of rainbow stripes at the bottom. All windbreakers include a drawstring at the bottom, zipper closures, and a hoodie (also with a drawstring.)

The pattern continues around the back.

Space Mountain Windbreaker – $49.99

Probably one of my favorites from the collection, the Space Mountain windbreaker features teal and grey-ish colors, with a design featuring Space Mountain in the lower corner and a banner across the side with the logo.

The back features the attraction’s ride vehicle rocket blasting off across the edge of one of the modernist lines featured in the design.

Tomorrowland “Purple Wall” Windbreaker – $49.99

If you’re a fan of the Purple Wall, this windbreaker’s for you. It features the Tomorrowland logo running down one of the sleeves. I personally would’ve picked a different design or icon to emulate the virtues of Tomorrowland with this one (like, you know, the sign that got ripped out overnight) but the purple hues aren’t a bad sartorial choice.

The Purple Wall pattern continues along the back.

Jungle Cruise Windbreaker – $49.99

If you think you’ll stay dry throughout the summer, you’re in de-Nile. This Jungle Cruise windbreaker features the entire ride depicted through a series of silhouettes.

I love that the design wraps around here for a storyline effect. The red, green, and yellow tones also evoke the Jungle Cruise.

Pixar Luxo Ball Windbreaker – $49.99

If you’re a Pixar fan, look no further than this Luxo Ball windbreaker, featuring the classic colors we’ve all come to identify with the Pixar brand.

No major designs on the back here, but it’s also a very unique choice.

We expect these to be rolled out across property, so if you absolutely need one of these now, head over to MouseGear, but be on the lookout for them at the other parks, too. They’ve yet to become available on shopDisney.

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Tom Windbreakerless
Tom Windbreakerless
2 years ago

Please keep the WDWNT website/social media updated with the spread of these windbreakers because so that I know when they hit the shopDisney site. I won’t be down to WDW until late March and I am defiantly probably maybe going to buy at least one of these designs!

2 years ago

Does anyone know the range of sizes for these? Do they come in Plus sizes?