PHOTOS: Cinderella Castle Pathway Widening Progress Update (7/9/19) at the Magic Kingdom

The pathway that runs along Cinderella Castle seems to be making some progress since our last visit. We took a little time to check out the recent changes, and spotted what appears to be brackets or clamps installed along the wall closest to the castle.

Brackets on Moat Wall

We can see the fresh “stones” in the wall. More detailing has been added to the portion closest to Fantasyland.

Details on Moat Wall

We can see the wood framework is getting covered to help create the walls of the moat.

You can see the dirt and ground has been built up towards the existing pathway.

The old pathway seems to be broken up where it meets the dirt. There are wooden planks in place, as well.

Looking farther up the path, there appears to be some gaps between the pathway and the newly done stone wall.

There’s a giant hole visible on the other side of the construction wall closest to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments.

We’re eagerly awaiting the reopening of this scenic area at the Magic Kingdom. We can’t wait to be able to take the perfect photo in front of Cinderella Castle on the newly remodeled pathway!

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1 year ago

Is there a time table in which this will be done?

1 year ago

When is all the construction expected to be finished and the moat filled back in?