REVIEW: Elephant Cupcake Stomps into Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom continues to expand its menagerie of wildlife-themed cupcakes with its latest addition: the Elephant Cupcake! Is it worthy of everyone’s favorite pachyderms? Let’s dive in and find out.

We found this interesting baked good at Restaurantosaurus in Dinoland U.S.A. (although you can also find it at Creature Comforts, Animal Kingdom’s Starbucks location).

First thing’s first: the appearance. It looks pretty much like the picture. The elephant looks like, well, an elephant. I did notice that the paper wrapper is tiger-striped instead of the grassy looking design they had on display. It still works, though.

Like most Disney cupcakes, there’s a lot of frosting on here. It’s enough to prop up the chocolate elephant centerpiece.

The piping on the grass was pretty well done, too. Overall, it’s a fun design!

The cupcake itself is basic yellow cake, with a “cookie dough buttercream” center.

The center of the cupcake almost blends in to the cake. You can’t really see it unless you know it’s there. They gave me the cupcake right out of the fridge, so the core of the cupcake was pretty rock-solid. I had some trouble cutting into it.

My cupcake promptly fell apart. How does it taste though? Pretty good! The yellow cake is standard, but the cookie dough center was an interesting addition that I thoroughly enjoyed. I thought there was too much frosting on top, as I couldn’t eat it all. If you’re a big frosting fan though, you’ll really dig it.

The chocolate elephant was a nice surprise too. I’m so used to these white chocolate decorations being almost inedibly sweet. This one was still sweet, but in flavor reminded me of those Hershey cookies and cream bars. It was a nice little extra on top! If you’re looking for a simple yet effective cupcake, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The display at Creature Comforts was a little sadder looking than the one I got.

The Elephant Cupcake will run you $5.99, and is available in Animal Kingdom at both Restaurantosaurus and Creature Comforts.

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