REVIEW: Fresh Croissant Doughnuts Now Available at the Electric Umbrella in Epcot

Epcot is no stranger to cronuts. In fact, it’s one of the few places on property you can find them. But their availability has shifted from location to location over the past few years.

The cronut (or croissant doughnut, as Disney is legally required to call them) first made its mark on the Epcot food scene over at the Refreshment Port at the entrance to World Showcase. They then moved on to the seasonal Taste Track kiosk, taking various fanciful forms for each festival, like this year’s Violet Blueberry Vanilla Croissant Doughnut for the Flower & Garden Festival. 

Well, if you find yourself craving a cronut while at Epcot and you don’t mind having them plain, the unsung hero in neon, Electric Umbrella, is here to save the day. You can even order them via Mobile Order on My Disney Experience:

The croissant donut costs $5.59 and qualifies as a snack if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan.

Overall, we found these to be smaller in size than their previous counterparts, but nevertheless flaky, delicious, and dare we say better made here, given that these were made in an actual kitchen and not a kiosk. It was definitely softer and easier to eat (still messy, but so delicious that we don’t care). With Taste Track, cronuts were made somewhere on property and wheeled over to the site, which meant there are a pretty high chance of getting a stale, oil-laden cronut, depending on the time of day. This one we had at the Electric Umbrella was surprisingly fresh, despite the quick service restaurant being notorious for the very opposite.

If you’re planning on getting this treat here, keep in mind that the Electric Umbrella will be officially closing this winter, and the last day of listed operating hours is currently November 23rd, 2019. According to Project Gamma plans, the venue is set to be extensively remodeled, but nothing has been officially announced as of yet. It could return as Electric Umbrella or something new, but it is expected to be a food and beverage location regardless, offering guests a variety of dining options (and hopefully more cronuts.)

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