REVIEW: Kona Island’s New Stitch Character Cake Makes Waves at the Polynesian

Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. And when we saw this cute little Stitch character cake in the display case at Kona Island, we knew we could never leave it behind. We adopted this blue alien cake for just $5.99 at the Polynesian, and we instantly fell in love.

This little dome cake has a chocolate cake base, topped by a white chocolate ganache. The white chocolate ganache is colored blue to give Stitch his signature look, complete with fondant nose and eyes. Two adorable white chocolate ears stick out from the sides, too. A decorative green and pink buttercream layer around the outside of the cake, which resembles Hawaiian flowers or a grass skirt, gives just a little pop of color to complete this delicious experiement.

We cut into the cake and were surprised that there was no mousse or soft filling. We’ve noticed a trend lately of Disney mousse domes, so it was actually a refreshing surprise to see nothing but beautiful, fresh cake. You can see swirls in the layers, as the cake was very fluffy. It was decadent and unbelievably delicious.

The cake was really moist and incredibly fresh. It was one of the better cakes we’ve had lately, and we easily finished the entire thing. It would have been nice to have a little more frosting around the edges, because the cake just seemed to be missing something. If you’re not a fan of piled high sugary frosting, this is the perfect snack for you.

The white chocolate ganache added a textural difference that offset the cake. The fondant was edible, which is actually a compliment. Most fondant decorations we encounter are cute, but disgusting. We usually have a bite and then toss the fondant to the side, but we actually ate these pieces with the cake. And of course the white chocolate ears are perfect! They will melt in the Floridian sun, so get those Instagram photos quickly!

Overall, this is a solid chocolate cake that tastes just as good as it looks. Kona Island is located on the second floor of the Polynesian, next to Kona Cafe. If cake isn’t your thing, be sure to try the chocolate dipped bacon. Or both!