REVIEW: Pepperoni Pizza Spring Rolls Roll into the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland Cart

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The latest variety of specialty spring rolls have rolled onto the Adventureland cart at the Magic Kingdom, and if you’re a fan of pepperoni pizza (well, more like just the pepperoni), you’re in luck.

Pepperoni pizza spring rolls are the specialty du jour at the cart, following in the footsteps of the Cuban, Philly Cheesesteak, and Buffalo Chicken spring rolls. The sign wasn’t up, but they’re available.

Customers get their choice of two spring rolls for $7.50.

The dough was warm and crispy, and it came STUFFED with pepperoni. There was a tiny amount of mozzarella cheese in the center, but it was so little that the spice of the pepperoni just overtook it and the cheese was undetectable.

This isn’t the best roll they’ve ever done, but if you like pepperoni, it’s an interesting take on the snack. We definitely wouldn’t recommend it for the price, though.

It does take a pretty nice picture, though. You know, if you’re into spring roll photography.

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The pepperoni pizza rolls actually just went through a change! The pepperoni now comes shredded and has much more cheese in them. Maybe give it another try. :) trial and error is part of releasing a new food item!