REVIEW: Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Spring Rolls Arrive in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom

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The famous spring rolls returned to Adventureland this summer, including the regular vegetable and an enhanced version of the cheeseburger. These new rolls arrived fresh from the Adventureland kitchens where they were handmade instead of being from a vendor. An excellent decision for Disney, but these deep fried tasty pockets left us longing for more, especially with the price increase. In comes the latest limited-time spring roll, bacon macaroni and cheese.

You can of course mix and match if you desire.

Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Spring Roll – $7.50

These are extraordinarily greasy, even by theme park food standard. They’re not bad, but I can’t imagine a scenario where you don’t feel bad about yourself after consuming them (and need a trip to the nearest Adventureland restroom to wash the slimy feeling off of your hands and face). These things are filled with wall-to-wall cheese of a more solid, less gooey consistency, almost to the point where it has somehow evaporated most of the macaroni noodles. Bacon bits are indeed strewn throughout and add to the flavor. If you’re in the market for the absolute unhealthiest snack at the Magic Kingdom, this is it, but you can certainly do better for a none-dessert snack without that greasy feeling in this park (go get a skewer, now located at Westward Ho rather than Liberty Square Market).

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I have not had these but I have had the cheeseburger ones and they were gross. Imagine a chewed up white castle slider in a spring roll wrapper.