REVIEW: New Vegan Burger and Iced Slush are Fresh Summer Additions at D-Luxe Burger in Disney Springs

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Disney Springs is known for having a wide variety of sit down and quick service restaurants. If you’re looking for a hearty burger, D-Luxe Burger has got you covered. Vegans and vegetarians, or those looking for more plant-based alternatives, may just find themselves stopping in to D-Luxe Burger more often now. We gave the new Vegan Burger a try, and we were pleasantly surprised by the taste!

The Vegan Burger sounds like a handful, and it is. They really pack on the toppings! As you can see from the description, it’s loaded up with a mango salsa, cabbage and mushroom ragout, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.

The burger is a Beyond Burger patty, and can be used as a substitution for any burger on the menu, as well as the vegan bun. This gives you a lot more options if something else from the menu catches your eye.

This burger really has a lot of flavor. They mango salsa is amazing. It’s fresh and just the right amount to fully cover the burger.

We even tried one of the new slushes. You can get a full-sized cup of a tart Blue Raspberry Lemonade or a Strawberry Lemonade for $4.99.

It was so sweet and perfectly icy for a hot day!

When we cut it in half, you can see just how stacked this burger is. It’s a nice sized portion for $12.49. The vegan bun is surprisingly delicious.

The patty is cooked well and has a nice consistency. The cabbage and mushroom ragout and the mango salsa bring a lot of flavor to the meal. It’s very filling.

The Vegan Burger from D-luxe offers a nice alternative with a lot of flavor. We definitely suggest this over the vegan burger from Restaurantosaurus. Will you be heading down to Disney Springs to give the Vegan Burger a try?

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Stacey Martella-Ferris
Stacey Martella-Ferris

So glad you guys are reviewing vegan options! Thank you. It’s funny to me when people eat vegan food and say it’s delicious! They’re surprised. Vegan food is good, people think we only eat grass and air. Hahaha


Sorry…there is not such thing as a vegan “burger”. It is just a vegetable sandwich. Unless you are referring to burger made from ground up vegans? Now…THAT sounds pretty good!