Guest Walkway from Grand Floridian Resort to Magic Kingdom Finally Under Development

Well, it’s finally happening. The walkway everyone has been waiting for is finally happening. According to a permit filed with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, a project labeled “Grand Floridian to MK Walkway“ is in the works.

As many guests to Disney World have noticed, a pathway from the Magic Kingdom has long extended to the Electrical Water Pageant but not beyond to the Grand Floridian.

This walkway, if built, would allow guests to walk from the Polynesian Resort and Grand Floridian Resort to walk to the Magic Kingdom without taking the monorail.

Stay tuned to WDWNT for updates on this story.

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  1. Who wants to walk that far in the heat and humidity not to mention summer rain storms?

    1. Who wants to be stuck on a monorail for 4 hours with no other options besides a boat?

    2. It’s not always summer weather though. And walking from MK to GF when the monorail and boat have long lines is a reasonable option. Especially if something is not working.

    3. Uhm, hello. You have already been walking in that weather when you are enjoying the parks.

    4. I do, I love staying at the Boardwalk and walking to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

    5. That’s only a fraction of the walk you make in relation to how much walking in the park you actually do… What’s a few more steps? (Weather permitting)

  2. I really hope this is true, but it’s not so clear yet. The permit is only for “dewatering” and could just be related to replacing the individualized brick section that already exists (the “path to nowhere”). Hope it does mean an extension/ building bridges though!

  3. Can’t wait! I’ll walk to GF to Poly to TTC before I wait 40 minutes for ferry boat. Been hoping for this for a long time. Also hope it finally means the end of the Water Pageant

    1. What? That’s the only worry, the Water Pageant! A true original WDW IP. Never tire of it and it always makes me cry. Of course I suffer from Disney Syndrome ;)

  4. I hope this is true. If so, it would be great to ‘complete the loop’ and connect a walkway from contemporary to poly and TTC.

  5. I hope this does actually happen. As a runner, I always like jogging around the lagoon, and I’d love for that to become a full loop instead of having to turn around. :-)

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