Brazil Pavilion at Epcot All But Confirmed, To Be Officially Announced on Sunday at D23 Expo 2019

We broke news of the rumored Brazil pavilion coming to Epcot back in June, and with the long-awaited D23 Expo 2019 finally underway, there have been even more clues hinting to its ultimate announcement during the Parks panel on Sunday.

In fact, it now seems that nothing will derail the construction of the long-rumored Brazil pavilion at Epcot.

While we expected the new World Showcase Pavilion to be announced some time ago, various financial and political roadblocks have apparently stood in the way of that. According to sources, Brazil will open in the Summer of 2022 in Epcot, but we’ll have to wait for a more definitive time frame come Sunday.

The pavilion is rumored to be going between the Italy and Germany pavilions in World Showcase, an empty 1.5 acre plot left for a future pavilion since the park opened in 1982.

Image Credit: Carlye Wisel on Twitter

So what’s led us to believe the Brazil pavilion is all but announced? Well, for starters, there was this neat Epcot poster display unveiled during last night’s media preview. Two posters remain covered, one of them likely to be the expected Brazil pavilion.

Image Credit: Carlye Wisel on Twitter

Another nugget of news that hints at a definite Brazil pavilion announcement is this tweet by the Mercyhurst Hospitality Management program:

In it, it states that Brazil is being added to Epcot’s World Showcase. Mercyhurst and Walt Disney College Program alumnus Nate is headed to Brazil itself to recruit Cast Members for the upcoming pavilion.

There you have it, folks. And now we wait for the official announcement on Sunday… and eventually we’ll be able to have all the pao de queijo.

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    1. I could not agree more! Disappointing and unfortunate. Personally, this is a decision I can’t celebrate.

  1. The tweet is deleted when you click, looks like someone said something they werent suppose to… lol
    Overall, very excited for this addition! Caipirinhas and pao de queijo here we come!

  2. What will happen to the popular outdoor miniature train exhibit that is next to Germany? Or is it gone already?

  3. Brazil is currently facing international backlash because of the rainforest crisis, and Disney will go ahead with this plan? That’s pretty nuts.

    1. So no company or person can do anything new or announce improvements until everything is perfect or they have made reprimands for any sins of the past?

    2. I’m with you. I would have delayed or done something to put it off. I know in the business world this can be tough but….Brazil is in shambles right now. They are burning the rain forest ON PURPOSE for money and displace indigenous tribes. I can assure you I won’t be visiting that pavilion. I’m disgusted with Brazil, as much as I am with my own country.

  4. So did they axe this, or just delay it? I guess Disney didn’t want a bunch of coverage associating them with a fascist nutjob letting his own country burn down.

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