Map and Layout of the Marvel Themed Land at Disney California Adventure Revealed

Tom Corless

Map and Layout of the Marvel Themed Land at Disney California Adventure Revealed

While we have already showed you the vehicles and load area for the Spider-Man ride, an in-depth look at the W.E.B. Suppliers shop, and a first-look at the Ant-Man Microbrewery, there’s still more to reveal about the Marvel-themed land coming to Disney California Adventure starting in 2020. Today, we’re taking a look at how all of this will be laid out within the park…


As you can see above, guests entering the land from the main thoroughfare of the park will cross underneath some sort of archway before walking the perimeter of the Spider-Man attraction show building. The land is also accessible from Cars Land and Hollywood Land, just as “a bug’s land” was.

The blue box in the art above is the former “a bug’s land” restrooms which will now be re-themed and reopened.

Other points of interest include W.E.B. Suppliers, located just across the path from Spider-Man’s attraction, the adjacent interactive Doctor Strange show, the Ant-Man microbrewery and restaurant, and the Avengers gift shop. This shop should eventually be at the exit of an Avengers E-ticket attraction set to open sometime later, but rumor has it that the original plans were scrapped. Supposedly, the attraction began with a new ride system concept, but Imagineers couldn’t come up with a story that worked with it.

This is also why there is no visible construction on the Avengers E-Ticket that was announced for Hong Kong Disneyland many years ago. Hopefully, a new attraction is in the works so we won’t have any more of these half-finished lands.

So, what are you most excited to see when the Marvel-themed land opens at Disney California Adventure?


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18 thoughts on “Map and Layout of the Marvel Themed Land at Disney California Adventure Revealed”

  1. Huh, I hope the Spider-Man attraction is good, otherwise without the rumored Avengers attraction this land kind of looks empty to me.

  2. A microbrewery. Who cares?? Build another RIDE! There are a dozen other places to eat and drink within 200 feet, nobody needs a microbrewery.

    • How dare you sir! This is the greatest idea Disney has ever come up with. They truly are magical.

      • Eh. I understand the microbrewery culture in the sense that a lot of dads are going to be like, “well done Disney. I’m a man that likes to be inebriated, but in an environment that doesn’t make me seem like a drunk that needs help.” But truly, the place doesn’t need more restaurants.

  3. This pisses me off more than anything! You have YEARS to come up with concept and nothing…..they deserve an EPIC fail

  4. Well, if this Marvel Land actually creates a 2nd way to get into Cars Land (because there’s only ever been one way in and out! – aka a dumb idea also found in Mickey’s Toontown!) then that is the only benefit I see so far ….

    Yeah, this will eventually connect and theme with the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride (No. 1), leaving Spider-Man as a new Ride (No. 2) that better impress Marvel fans (if you think Star Wars fans are nitpicky? Marvel’s fanbase is more so, because you are dealing with intellectual property from comic books published for decades!) ….

    Being a self-contained Land, one would expect bathrooms, dining areas (which have got to be family friendly, provide plenty of seating, not try to shoe in a bar with no seating for adults only), gift shops (preferably more than one, preferably with one-of-a-kind merchandise vs same stuff sold throughout theme park), live show (haven’t heard enough about Doctor Strange to offer a comment! live shows are meant to put butts in seats OR entertain park guests enough to get them out of queue lines!) ….

    And, just as important, there needs to be one more (No. 3) top-notch Ride / Attraction! Time to learn from Star Wars Land – do not open a new area until everything is complete (and I mean everything!) Time to also learn from Cars Land (have more than one way to get in and get out! don’t keep a Ride / Attraction that’s bad – make it better immediately!) …

  5. This is TERRIBLE. . . only one ride. . . and to make things worse. . . the “NEW” RIDE is a version of Toy Story Mania ride!!!!!! (only this time you shoot spider webs. . . ) . . . WOW. . . Disney is getting pretty disappointing. . . not like them. . . with YEARS TO WORK ON THIS. . . wow. . . underwhelming to say the least.

  6. Think about it. . . So far the Marvel rides are rethemes of other rides. . . ANT MAN/WASP. . . rework of Buzz Lightyear. GUARDIANS RIDE. . . retheme of Tower of Terror. . . IRON MAN RIDE. . . retheme of Star Tours. . . OUCH!! Sure wish Universal had gotten the full rights to Marvel instead of Disney. . . YEARS AND YEARS OF PREP and all they pump out are re-imagined things they’ve already done. .. so sad. . .

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