CONCEPT ART: First Look at Ant-Man Microbrewery & Restaurant Coming to Marvel Land at Disney California Adventure

You’ve seen the Spider-Man ride vehicles. You’ve seen the W.E.B. Suppliers Spider-Man shop. Now it’s time to shrink down and head on over to the Ant-Man Microbrewery at Disney California Adventure’s Marvel-themed land. That’s right, the bugs are back in town.

As you explore The Avengers’ California Campus, there’ll be but one area to find food and beverage. Just head on over to the giant can.

Screen Shot 2018 10 23 at 3.13.19 PM
The giant canned beverage sits on top of the Ant-Man microbrewery.

And what could the microbrewery possibly be themed to? Why, Ant-Man, of course. The can you see above may have been cut from the project at some point as it does not appear in the new art you’ll see below, but we’ve got your first look at the latest concept art:

marvel land ant man and the wasp microbrewery disney california adventure 3

As you can see, the complex will be a sprawling space with both outdoor seating and covered seating. The umbrellas covering the tables look almost like a bug’s wings, of course. The microbrewery bar space is on the right, with a hexagonal bar by the perimeter of the area and what seems like two long, beerhaus-style tables adjacent to it (along with additional two-top and four-top seating). Over on the left side, you can see outdoor seating arrangements for the counter service restaurant.

Guests enter through a main entrance and into an indoor queue leading up to registers, where they can order and then pick up their food, then head over to beverage stations for soft drinks and such before ziplining over to their desired table. There are some larger family-style tables that seat up to six, plus some four-tops, and a few one and two-tops lining the walls.

marvel land ant man and the wasp microbrewery disney california adventure 2

The concept art for the entrance to the restaurant and microbrewery shows a hive-like hexagonal design flanking the door-opening mechanisms, surrounded by modern industrial accents across the rest of the facade. It looks a lot like the various labs and equipment we see in the Ant-Man films.


marvel land ant man and the wasp microbrewery disney california adventure 1

Here we see the entrance from the inside. According top sources, an overhead conveyer will carry pretzels that will “shrink and enlarge”, very reminiscent of ride vehicles in the Mighty Microscope aboard the classic Adventure Through Innerspace attraction at Disneyland.


marvel land ant man and the wasp microbrewery disney california adventure 5

Even the side entrances and exits carry the same design elements used on the building facade, with the same hexagonal designs running down the walls in striped sections, and geometric designs on the door handles.

Another well-themed quick service establishment will only add to the already robust roster of existing quick-service restaurants at Disney California Adventure. Add a microbrewery to the mix and you’ve got a real one-two punch.

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