PHOTOS: Classic Hollywood Studios Filmstrip Logo Sign Removed from Center Stage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We welcome you to the Hollywood that never was—and never will be, what with all the changes going on at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Gone is the classic filmstrip sign that graced this meadow area by the end of Hollywood Boulevard, near Center Stage.

The filmstrip sign used to feature the park’s now-old logo along a filmstrip covered with stars, with an additional burst of stars on the side.

At night, the sign would illuminate in shades of blue and yellow. This was one of my favorite spots at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during After Hours events as they’d play the classic old Hollywood background music, creating a cute, old-timey ambiance.

Currently, the area sits vacant, with nothing more than the fresh smell of mulch taking its place.

We’ll keep an eye on this area to see whether a new sign replaces the now-removed one, perhaps with the newer logo instead. With all the changes taking over the park with the upcoming opening of Galaxy’s Edge, we’re sure they aren’t through yet.

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