The full Hitchhiking Ghosts snack set!

PHOTOS: New Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Ezra Sipper Completes the Hitchhiking Ghost Snack Set at Disneyland

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The Skeleton, or Ezra as he’s commonly known, is the most iconic of the Haunted Mansion’s three Hitchhiking Ghosts. He’s tall, dapper, and now, he’s sporting a wide grin because he’s completed the full set of Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Snack vessels to recently debut at Disneyland Park.

Earlier today, we saw Phineas over at the popcorn cart near Haunted Mansion. Then we came across Gus at the Mint Julep Bar. But over at Royal Street Veranda, we found Ezra.

The sipper retails for $18.99, but this location allows for Passholder discounts, and you can find both him and Gus in stock here for less.

On the back you have Ezra’s tombstone. After all, he’s the unluckiest hitchhiker we’ve ever seen.

Here’s the back part of the tomb that pops off so you can fill up the container with your beverage of choice.

Like the other pieces in the snack set, with the press of a button, you can illuminate the friendly spirit.

You can fold the straw of the sipper up and down from Ezra’s tophat, depending on whether you are using it as drinkware or decoration.

With the full snack set, not only will ghosts follow you home, but so will a bag of beignets, a carton of popcorn, and a beverage to wash it all down with.

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