PHOTOS: New Open Edition Haunted Mansion Wallpaper MagicBand Materializes at Walt Disney World

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Consider a FastPass to the afterlife with this new open edition MagicBand featuring an allover design of The Haunted Mansion’s illustrious wall to wall design. The band comes just in time for the attraction’s 50th anniversary, and if you’re a fan of the Mansion, or simply looking for a more subdued MagicBand look, we’ve got just the thing for you.

The Haunted Mansion wallpaper MagicBand features an all-black background with purple designs. You’ll find that this is inverted from the original color scheme, but we appreciate how much more flexible this more muted color scheme is in terms of being able to pair it with more outfits.

The band also sports a plain black Mickey puck. It’d be cool to swap it out with a purple puck for contrast.

We found the band over at Disney Pin Traders at Disney Springs. Mortals pay a token fee of $24.99 for the band. (Rest in peace, the haunting’s free.) At time of publishing, the band isn’t available on shopDisney, but they do have this neat Haunted Mansion maid and butler MagicBand for the same price.

Make final arrangements to secure your Haunted Mansion MagicBands just in time for the original classic attraction’s 50th Anniversary on August 9th, 2019.

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Michael Davis
Michael Davis

OMG, now if they would just make actual wallpaper for my home!