PHOTOS: Limited Edition Silver Disney Dollar Released at Art of Disney Locations in Walt Disney World

Yes, Disney Dollars were retired a few years ago, but the Art of Disney has been trying to find ways to continue to sell the now-defunct Disney-exclusive currency. At different points, you could have bought uncut sheets of the retired Mickey cash, or even bought one retired bill mounted to a metal figurine. Well, now you can get a silver minted version of the last edition of the beloved $1 note as a reminder of what was…

The first-ever Silver Disney Dollar can be found currently at the Art of Disney in Epcot, but also the Main Street Cinema at the Magic Kingdom.

That’s not a $1 Disney Dollar included with it, sadly. Despite the sign, it’s actually $150.00.

Silver Disney Dollar Collectible – $150.00

Yes, I bought it. I feel an emotional attachment to the Disney Dollars as my father has been collecting them since before I was even born. In fact, he has a complete collection with every version of every bill, from start to finish. I plan on surprising him with the first-ever Silver Disney Dollar when I see him in a few days. Don’t worry, my parents don’t religiously read the website. They aren’t very good with technology.

Sadly, the paper piece included isn’t an actual Disney Dollar, it’s the Certificate of Verification.

The Silver Disney Dollar is individually numbered and a limited edition of 5000. I got number 55 for reasons that should be obvious if you are reading this site.

It’s essentially a silver version of the $1 bill with some accents recreated in color.

The bill comes nicely sealed in a clear plastic case to prevent scratches or smudges. The whole thing comes in a black jewelry box of sorts, as it should for the $150 price tag. On the bright side, applicable discounts like annual pass are accepted on the item.

Did you collect Disney Dollars? Do you need to add this Silver version to your collection? Let me know in the comments below!