PHOTOS: Price Increases Take Over Toydarian Toymaker in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland

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Despite constant merchandise supply shortages plaguing the specialty shop in Galaxy’s Edge, it appears that with waves of re-stocking come price increases, as well. We recently saw a slew of prices go up over at Dok-Ondar’s, who thought to start charging a bit extra for the fancy legacy lightsabers. Across the Black Spire Marketplace, it’s also worth noting that Loth Cats are now $49.99 (up from $44.99) at Creature Stall as well.

You’ll notice that the sleepy Loth-Cat from Creature Stall actually has a very “well-loved” Porg plush from Toydarian Toymaker as well.

Over at Toydarian Toymaker, Zabaka the toymaker has realized the popularity of his wares and decided to raise prices as well. While we felt most of these toys were alright in the under $20 range, charging more than that for any of these feels like a bit much. However, it seems that prices are being leveled across both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which is leading to overall price increases. Let’s take a look of all of the increases across the tiny shop.


Plush Porg – $19.99 (Previously $17.99)

Plush Ahsoka Tano – $22.99 (Previously $19.99)

Plush Tooka Doll – $19.99 (Previously $17.99)

Plush Watto – $19.99 (Previously $17.99)

Plush Kylo Ren – $22.99 (Previously $19.99)

Plush Lando Calrissian – $22.99 (Previously $19.99)

Plush First Order Stormtrooper – $22.99 (Previous $19.99)

Plush Darth Vader – $22.99 (Previously $19.99)

Plush Jabba the Hutt – $22.99 (Previously $19.99)

Plush Chewbacca – $22.99 (Previously $19.99)

Plush Rey – $22.99 (Previously $19.99)

Plush Ewok – $19.99 (Previously $17.99)

Plush Yoda – $22.99 (Previously $19.99)

Plush Princess Leia – $22.99 (Previously $19.99)


Sabacc Card Game – $16.99 (Previously $14.99)

Wooden Toys and Instruments

Frog-Dog  Croaking Instrument – $19.99 (Previously $17.99)

Convor Whistle – $19.99 (Previously $17.99)

Wooden Stormtrooper Doll – $39.99 (Previously $24.99)

Wooden Frog-Dog – $17.99

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  1. That is so disheartening that they have chosen to raise prices like this. The stuffed characters are so small to be charging over $20 for. And the wooden Stormtrooper doll has a price increase of $15?!? Supply and demand I guess, but just makes it more expensive for families with young Star Wars fans to visit *sigh*

  2. So Disney’s response to the mess that they’ve found themselves in (low attendance numbers, lots of negative reviews about the land itself because people are realising IT’S NOT STAR WARS etc) is to raise the prices of the poor quality tat that they’re selling. Great way to lose even more interest, I’d say.

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