PHOTOS: Room Renovation Project Now Underway at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

While visiting Saratoga Springs recently, we discovered two buildings are closed off and under refurbishment in the Congress Park section of the resort. Many of the resorts around property have been getting remodeled, and it looks like Saratoga Springs is following closely behind. The rooms in this part of the resort aren’t finished yet, but we can see they’re getting a complete makeover inside.

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Several high reaches are scattered around the buildings and fenced off.

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We spotted several small “Pardon Our Appearance” and “Construction Personnel Only” signs acting as barricades along the pathways.

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Inside the rooms, we can see papers hung on the windows, as well as other supplies scattered about.

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Boxes of new appliances and other fixtures can be seen in some of the windows.

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A couple of the upper floors had their balcony doors open. We could get a better view of the work lights strung inside, and more boxed appliances awaiting installation.

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There are currently two buildings under refurbishment in the Congress Park section of the resort, which is towards the back of the resort, close to Disney Springs. During the renovations, it appears these rooms will be off of the roster in terms of booking availability.

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In addition to the rooms, we also noticed the Artist’s Palette is getting a drink station refurbishment. A temporary location has been set up for now.

We’ve toured a few of the newly refurbished rooms around Walt Disney World, including Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge, so we’ll be eager to see what the remodeled rooms look like here at Saratoga Springs.