PHOTOS: The Odyssey Receives Bright New Pink and Blue Sections as Pavilion Repainting Continues at Epcot

When we first noticed the repainting project on The Odyssey building at Epcot, we assumed they were going for a more neutral scheme. Well, today we got the first glimpse of a bright, colorful new future for the building.

This is the first wall to receive any color so far. A bright blue section of the wall near the First Aid area (on the Mexico side of the building) appeared today.

Looking at the way it’s painted with the diagonal stripe tells me they’re probably planning on doing some pattern work. It’s very reminiscent of the work they have been doing in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom recently.

Over by one of the entrances, there’s a section of hot pink paint as well. It’s somewhat jarring, but we’ll wait and see what they do with the rest of the building.

Here’s what it looks like now as you approach from the Mexico pavilion.

We also found them schlepping these umbrellas inside. Whether they’re meant to stay there or are simply being housed there for Hurricane Dorian prep is still unknown.

The rest of the building so far is still black and white. How much color will it get? If the new branding for the park they showed off at the D23 Expo recently is any hint, we’re probably in store for quite the rainbow.

The Odyssey is scheduled to reopen in October as “Walt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot Experience”, where it will show off all the plans for the major changes coming to the park over the next few years. Concept art for the inside looks quite colorful. Could the outside turn out to be just as bright? We’ll just have to wait and find out! We’ll keep you updated on this and every project at Epcot as they continue.

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Joseph Greer
Joseph Greer
1 year ago

May be as simple as mens and womens bathrooms – blue and pink.