REVIEW: Limited-Time Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Host-A-Ghost Cupcake Betrays an Aura of Foreboding at the Magic Kingdom

On August 9th, 1969, The Haunted Mansion opened to all foolish mortals at Disneyland Park.

Today, 50 years later, we are celebrating the classic attraction’s semi-centennial with entire collections of merchandise and even a specially ticketed swinging wake. Materializing at the Magic Kingdom for one day only is the exclusive 50th Anniversary Host-A-Ghost cupcake!

You can find the cupcake all day today (while supplies last) over at the Haunted Mansion ice cream cart.

Foolish mortals have the option between a Hatbox Ghost cupcake or a Constance Hatchaway cupcake. Despite our love for all things Hatbox Ghost, we went with Constance.

The cupcakes feature a very detailed chocolate death certificate, much like the ones seen in the new Host-A-Ghost Jars that were released with the rest of the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary merchandise this morning.

This wouldn’t be a proper cupcake review without a proper cupcake photoshoot.

The Host-A-Ghost chocolate cupcake is made with a dark chocolate truffle filling, crispy pearls, buttercream icing, and a milk chocolate decoration.

Unfortunately, this cupcake is more fun to photograph than it is to eat. The oversized chocolate piece is unwieldy and as with all of these decorative wrappers, it’s hard to tear into it.

The Haunted Mansion-appropriate colors are cute, but eating black frosting and thick truffle filling this early in the morning just betrays an aura of foreboding.

Did we mention the cupcake costs $8.25? While the artwork on the chocolate is definitely detailed, this cupcake does not merit the one-day-only exclusive price. If you’re in the area and get a craving for something (extremely) sweet and unique, or you simply are a die-hard Haunted Mansion fan, then go ahead and get this… but otherwise it’d be foolish to recommend it.

It would’ve been nice to see some kind of red velvet wedding cake for Constance the Bride or something a bit more creative than globs of black and green food coloring, but hey, at least it matches the half-finished awnings.