PHOTOS: Even More Queue Awnings Being Replaced at The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom

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Beware, Foolish Mortals! Is this refurbishment actually stretching? Just when we thought the final new awnings had been installed at The Haunted Mansion’s queue area, today we found that the older awnings that had remained closer to the attraction’s entrance were also removed.

Guests to The Haunted Mansion are now welcomed by a series of awnings only to have to pass through yet another uncovered section.

These awnings had remained through the replacement of the ones further up in the queue, but it seems they will be replaced with matching striped awnings to match.

The one silver lining in all this is that they actually thought to incorporate varying shades of green to make stripes like the ones seen in Cast Member costumes at the attraction. The dark and light forest green stripes are practically an HM motif at this point, so that was a good decision, themeing-wise.

The pending new Haunted Mansion awnings should materialize in their corrupt, mortal state just in time for the 50th anniversary celebration taking place on August 9. It’s sure to be a swinging wake, so hop a Doom Buggy and look alive.

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