REVIEW: New Monster Brownie Sundae is a Monster of a Deal at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor in the Magic Kingdom

It’s snack time here at the Magic Kingdom! It’s a hot day, so some cool refreshing ice cream sounds good right about now. We strolled down Main Street, U.S.A. to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and discovered a brand-new Monster Brownie Sundae on the menu. Is that my stomach growling, or is it the ice cream?

The Monster Brownie Sundae is a huge scoop of cookie dough ice cream, sandwiched between layers of chocolate brownies. This delicious sundae is topped with M&M’s, whipped cream, caramel and fudge, and served in a fresh waffle bowl. Oh, and a cherry on top, of course. It’s almost scary how good this sounds.

It’s huge for the price of $7.99. We were not expecting this to really be such a monster of a sundae, despite the name. When compared to puny, forgettable cupcakes that cost well over $6.00 at times, this also seems like a great deal for how much ice cream you get. If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, we asked and Cast Members at the location confirmed that the sundae is available as a snack credit.

The cookie dough ice cream is jam-packed with bits of real cookie dough. With almost every bite, we got a piece of cookie dough in the mix. The waffle bowl serves as the base, topped by a chocolate brownie, a scoop of cookie dough ice cream, and then another brownie, another scoop of ice cream, and then covered in toppings.

Can you see all that chocolate fudge? It’s swimming in toppings. The Cast Member made it rain M&M’s on our sundae and it was much appreciated. The cookie dough, brownie, and candy bits all go together nicely with the ice cream.

The waffle bowl on the bottom is actually pretty soft and requires a little pulling to break apart. It tastes really good, if you can get through the mound of ice cream to try it.

This is easily a treat you could share. We wished we’d had help taking on this monster, because we stood no chance. Grab a friend and head down to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor for a delicious treat you can’t miss.

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1 year ago

How to feed a family of 4 ‘Dinner on 2 Snack Credits”.

1 year ago

I hate cookie dough ice cream.
I wonder if you can ask for vanilla ice cream instead?