Phantom Manor Holiday Overlay Currently In Development for Disneyland Paris

Phantom Manor might be all shiny and new again like a freshly opened toy on Christmas morning, but it seems we may have more exciting changes coming to the Disneyland Paris classic in the coming year.

According to sources, as early as Fall 2020, we could see a holiday version of Phantom Manor come to Frontierland in Disneyland Paris. While sources couldn’t provide further information, one would assume (given current management and what has been done before) that an IP will be used as the basis for the overlay, and a wise guess would be Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Haunted Mansion Holiday, featuring characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, has existed at Disneyland Park annually since 2001, with Tokyo Disneyland joined in on the fun in 2004. Reportedly, the Tokyo Disneyland version was intended for Walt Disney World, but Disney didn’t want to close the Florida attraction for several weeks annually. If Phantom Manor Holiday comes tor fruition, then the Magic Kingdom will have the only Mansion without the seasonal version.

Disney has yet to announce the holiday additions of Ooogie Boogie and friends to Phantom Manor at this time. Plans can certainly change, but this seems far enough along at this point that it should be materializing…

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Michael Davis
Michael Davis
1 year ago

Ugh, was SO hoping the cut off headline would finish with the Orlando park. Flew out to see it in Anaheim, but I live in Orlando and would see it a lot more if it came here.