REVIEW: New Hades Character Cupcake Not Worth A Trip to the Underworld at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

There’s a new Character Cupcake available at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, and while the All-Stars have been making some really innovative cupcakes lately, they can’t all be winners… or heroes. Once again, we find ourselves at the Intermission Food Court, where you can tell a blogger from a mile away because we’re the only ones photographing the entrances to value resort dining halls.

To quote Meg: I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.

The specialty cupcakes here are housed in this nifty pastry box, where you reach in and pick out the most bloggable cupcake out of the bunch before paying and heading out across the resort, cupcake in hand, hoisting it up at every well-lit corner.

Hades just doesn’t strike me as a Queen guy.

The cupcake comes in a plain black wrapper and is topped with two shades of blue frosting, red glitter, and a white chocolate printed Hades piece.

A close-up of the glitter and two-tone blue frosting.

And now, the taste test.

First off, if you didn’t ask around for the flavor notes of the buttercream frosting, you wouldn’t outright know what flavor this chocolate cupcake was topped with, and to be honest, it basically tastes like nondescript blue frosting either way. You do get hints of maybe some fruity tartness, akin to perhaps a blue raspberry, but nothing discernible.

Also on the frosting front, I noticed the frosting was a little too soft for my taste. I like really dense, thick frosting, and this was just too runny for my taste.

Arguably the best part is the cupcake partitioning. I wasn’t expecting a cornucopia of orange sprinkles, but it’s always a real fun surprise, and the soft sprinkles break up the texture of just cake and frosting.

All in all, despite what a pleasure it was photographing this cupcake and tearing into it, at $6.44 with tax, I just can’t recommend it. It’s forgettable, and despite “Hercules” having some of the best music in any Disney animated film, it still doesn’t tie in well with the resort. (I need a full-on Hades statue to hoist it by, otherwise it’s all in vain.) Save yourself a trip to the underworld.

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1 year ago

It’s a cupcake. At a value resort. I do have to agree that a denser frosting is better, if they make it in-house, it may just be a matter of too much wet ingredients. Was the case a cooler case? If not they can get to soft from heat. At the end of the day – it’s a cupcake.