REVIEW: Peanut Butter Chocolate Goofy Cupcake from Beach Club Marketplace

There are countless Mickey and Minnie themed snacks around Walt Disney World. We’ve seen plenty of mouse ears on cupcakes, but today, we spotted a different pair of ears. The Goofy Cupcake at Beach Club Marketplace is absolutely adorable, and we couldn’t leave without having one! It’s nice to see some love for our old pal Goofy once in a while, right?

The Beach Club Marketplace is located inside the Beach Club Resort. It offers a refrigerated grab-n-go case, which is where we spotted the iconic hat and ears on a cupcake. Hyuck! The Goofy Cupcake is a peanut butter and chocolate treat, so we’re eager to try it out. After the recent peanut butter and chocolate cupcake we tried at Pop Century, we’ve got a new favorite flavor right now. We can’t wait to dig in!

The decoration on this cupcake is really nice. They’ve really captured the Goofy vibe with the orange frosting and blue sprinkles. And of course, the white chocolate Goofy hat and fondant ears top it all off.

The hat is a huge chunk of white chocolate placed on top of the fondant ears. The fondant broke apart when we tried to remove it from the frosting to try it. It wasn’t very good, but fondant never really is. We’re in love with how cute this cupcake looks!

When we cut into the cupcake, we were shocked to find it was empty. There’s no filling, just straight up cake. We needed a bit of a break from filled cupcakes, anyway.

The frosting is a dreamy, rich peanut butter taste. It really wows you right away. Peanut butter and chocolate are always a winning combination. The chocolate cake is good, but the frosting is the highlight of this snack.

This cupcake is simple and sweet, just like Goofy. At $5.99, this is a little on the pricey side for such a basic cupcake, but fans of peanut butter and chocolate will not be disappointed. If you’re visiting the Beach Club anytime soon, we suggest you stop by the Beach Club Marketplace and pick one up.