Disney Wisdom Collectable series for the month of August

SHOP: August Disney Wisdom Collectable Series Featuring Bambi and Thumper Releases Today on shopDisney

August is well underway, and that means it’s time for the next Disney Wisdom Collectable series to debut! Here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect from the latest release of this popular shopDisney merchandise line.

Available now, shoppers can pick up Series 8 of the Disney Wisdom Collectables, featuring Bambi and Thumper from the animated classic, Bambi. This month’s featured quote comes from none other than Thumper himself, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

Disney Wisdom Collectable series for the month of August

This month’s lineup includes a plush, mug, pin set, journal, and wall decor. What’s really important to note here is the return of the t-shirt. Recent month’s collections have lacked the inclusion of a shirt, but it seems like series 8 is bringing it back. Of course, the collection is also available at local Disney Stores for those that prefer to do their shopping in-person.

Disney Wisdom Plush – Bambi – $26.95

Disney Wisdom Mug – Bambi – $18.95

Disney Wisdom Pin Set – Bambi – $16.95

Disney Wisdom Journal – Bambi – $16.95

Disney Wisdom T-Shirt – Bambi – $26.95

Disney Wisdom Wall Decor – Bambi – $24.95 

Fans can discover a new character, color, and quote every month as part of the new Disney Wisdom series. Last month saw the release of the Pinocchio series featuring Jiminy Cricket, and next month will include Wart from The Sword in the Stone. Stay tuned for details on future series releases.

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