VIDEO: Watch the Now-Extinct O’ Canada! with Martin Short in Full 360° 4K & Flat-O-Vision!

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CANADA! Big! Wide! And very very closed!

Well, maybe not the country, but, at the beginning of the month, Epcot’s “O’ Canada!” starring Celine Dion Martin Short closed after a 12 year run. It was the central feature of the Canada Pavilion in World Showcase and utilized one of the park’s two Circle-Vision 360° theaters.

Though we’re certainly excited to see what new film will premiere in the theater as part of the 2020 Epcot Festival of the Arts, we thought it was also important to give all Canadians and Canucks at heart a chance to experience the film one last time.

We present “O’ Canada” starring Martin Short in full 360° 4K so you can enjoy all the majesty of Circle-Vision right at home.

Also available for a unique experience you couldn’t even have in the parks, “O’ Canada!” in 2-D Flat-O-Vision! See each screen laid out in a row to see the landscapes of the great white north in their full pictorial glory.

As mentioned, this theater along with the China pavilion’s will showcase new films for the 2020 Epcot Festival of the Arts, while France’s 180° screen with be used for a Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along, which will play at alternate times with “Impression de France” (where they appreciate an invisible narrator!).

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I can’t stand Martin short. Give me original. Hope new one is updated with some FEELING like original had.


I had no idea they would be ending the Canada Exhibit. Luckily my family and I got the chance to see it last week. Can’t wait to see the new one!!