Disney Cruise Line Changes Onboard Booking Discount, Removing Onboard Credit

Beginning tomorrow, Disney Cruise Line is changing the onboard booking incentives for booking a future cruise onboard. Previously, guests booking a future cruise at the onboard Vacation Planning Desk would receive an onboard credit in addition to a discount on the cruise.

Disney Wonder

Guests will still receive 10% off their future cruise when booking onboard in a category 4A to 11C cabin. In addition, those booking a 7-night or longer cruise will still get 50% off the deposit.

However, guests will no longer be offered an onboard credit with booking onboard.

The policy goes into place on September 28 on the Disney Fantasy, and September 30 on the Magic, Wonder, and Dream.

6 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line Changes Onboard Booking Discount, Removing Onboard Credit”

  1. i am assuming so but i like confirmation. is this just going forward so it doesn’t affect those already booked with the on board booking? i have one scheduled in march and just want to make sure.

  2. Wow, this is disappointing. I already booked my cruise but this will definitely open my options to other cruise lines in the future.

  3. Disney is getting too greedy. Think it’s about time to try other cruise lines. We’re platinum customers and have noticed a drop in service at the parks and the ships. They are more expensive then every other cruise as it already was. The latest CEO is changing the company and not for the better by pricing families out of the market.
    Walt wanted to create a place where families can be together. The company is losing its way and clearly forgot that “it all began with a mouse”.

  4. As a platinummember and one who ALWAYS books on board, I hate to see this end. One of Walt’s sayings was “give the people what they want”. This ensures return customers and happy customers. Disney has become more interested in their “bottom line” rather than customer satisfaction. It’s not like they need the money. This is the reason attendance has been on the decline.

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