PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Park 9/27/19 (Low Wait Times, AP Swag, Construction, and More!)

With the weather finally cooling off, a bit, crowds seem to be hit or miss at Disneyland. Today, we took a stroll around the entire park. Most notable was the low wait times.

Wait Times

DL Indiana Jones Wait Time 92519

Standby for Indiana Jones was only a mere 20 minutes at midday.

DL Toon Town 92519

Several hours after park open, you could hop on Roger Rabbit in just 15 minutes!

DL Peter Pan Wait Time 92519

Around 2:00 pm, Peter Pan was only 30 minutes.

DL Pooh Ride Sign 92519

Sadly, Winnie the Pooh is closed for refurbishment. The ride could use some love, though.

DL Pooh Ride 92519

The cars look so sad just sitting there empty.

DL Eeyore 92519

Eeyore was out greeting guests along with the usual gang to make up for it.

Galaxy’s Edge

DL SWGE Kylo 92519

Guests were enjoying watching Kylo Ren interrogate his crew.

DL SWGE Savis 92519

There was still a sizable crowd waiting to build a lightsaber at Savi’s.

DL SWGE Kyber 92519

Blue and red kyber crystals are still in stock.

SWGE Cantina Line 92519

Looks like you’ll need a reservation to get into Oga’s Cantina today, as the line was rather long.

DL SWGE Droid Backpack 92519

Droid backpacks have continued to remain in stock. Hooray!

AP Corner

DL AP Crowd 92519

We waited about 10 minutes in line to get our new AP buttons.

DL AP Corner Crowd 92519

After a quick outside portion, you now wrap around the downstairs instead of heading upstairs for the picture.

DL AP Buttons 92519

As of now, they still have the pumpkin magnet and both buttons in stock.


DL Hub Crowd 92519

The hub was not busy at all mid-morning.

DL Main Street Crowd 92519

Main Street also remained very tolerable.

DL Frontier Land 92519

Frontierland is also empty.

DL City Hall 92519

No line at Disneyland City Hall. Where is everyone?

DL Pirates Line 92519

Everyone seemed to be in New Orleans Square. Some waiting for Pirates.

DL New Orleans Crowd 92519

Others just out roaming around.

DL Haunted Mansion Stocking
Hatbox Ghost Stocking – $29.99

We did find this adorable Hatbox Ghost stocking at Port Royal for $27.99.

DL Pluto Pirate Stocking
Pluto Pirate Stocking – $29.99

Next door, you can find this awesome Pirate Pluto stocking, also $29.99.

DL Halloween Backdrop 92519

Be sure to grab your Halloween phot op before the season ends.

DL Fuel Rods 92519

The Fuel Rod station at Small World is still offering free swapping.

DL Fuel Rod 92519

Pixar Parking

DL Pixar Parking Construction 92519

The construction walls just seem to keep moving around here.

DL Parking Construction 92519

Most of Mickey and Friends is now blocked off, including the restrooms.

DL Pixar Tram Loading 92519

There’s also this random scrim up at the center tram loading station just past security.

DL Pixar Parking 92519

The wide open space will be appreciated once they are finally done with all this.

We hope you enjoyed our tour of Disneyland. Keep checking back with us for all the latest Disney Parks news.

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  1. Shhhhhh….keep the “low crowds” info secret so people don’t go swarm the place when I’m there. Or let them go NOW and get it out of their system. Just 2 weeks and 2 days more until I get there, yay! Stay in school on Columbus Day, kiddies, please. Hoping for a low crowd yet a fun party night before we head back to CO. :-)

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