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Entertainment Cuts Continue Across Walt Disney World as Dino-Riffic Dance Party at Donald’s Dino-Bash Quietly Cancelled at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Donald’s Dino-Bash opened over a year ago at DinoLand U.S.A. in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and while it was meant to be a temporary offering, between new plush recently being released and having it escape most mentions of Disney Entertainment cancellations, we assumed the wacky overlay was in the clear.

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However, recent tweets by Walt Disney World Entertainment reveal that not all aspects of the Dino-Rama celebration was left unscathed or extant. It appears that the daily Dino-Riffic Dance Party that took place outdoors by Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures ended yesterday, September 23rd. Chris Reid provided the voiceover work for the party as the Party Voice of WDNO Radio since its inception.

Guests will still be able to meet with the costumed characters, but as it stands, there will no longer be any more dance parties with the characters and live DJs.

Other entertainment cuts taking place throughout the park include the ever-popular Burudika Band that’s performed in Harambe Village since 2016.

  1. This is unfortunate! My daughter had the best time at the dance party with Chip & Dale last October and was looking forward to doing it again in December. It was a unique experience where the kids really got to interact with the characters. We will miss it!!

    1. She can still interact with characters at the Dance Party they do on Discovery Island, Timon and usually Rafiki and Baloo are at that one.

  2. Bob Chapek continues to cut human entertainers, he will eventually insert robot entertainers as a way to propagate robot kind… because he in fact is a robot

  3. I hope so. Apart from Dinosaur, the whole area sucks. I get that it’s intended to feel like an amateur carnival, but even with that in mind, the rides suck. Why go on Triceratop Spin when there are 3 versions of the same ride at Magic Kingdom? And the coaster just makes people sick. And the play area takes up way too much room…and Finding Nemo, while a good show, has nothing to do with dinosaurs or paleontology.

  4. Why are they cutting so much of the live entertainment aspects of the parks? Is it a money thing, a lack of interest thing?? Those entertainment acts add to the whole experience and the magic of disney…the music and life those performers bring to the guests….its really sad to see. Also sad to see photographers being replaced. I’ve seen some of the pictures from the box setup…that’s not magically at all. Think disney is going the wrong way with these cuts.

  5. Any idea when the meeting times are for meeting these Characters at Animal Kingdom? We are going in less than 2 weeks. The meeting times have completely disappeared from the Disney website and Disney App.

  6. Cutting back but increasing prices! Maybe Disney should think less about “live” feature remakes(like horrible Dumbo) instead they should to make Disneyland/World an affordable family destination.

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