PHOTOS: Epcot Construction Update 9/27/19 (Entrance Enhancements, Former Wonders of Life, New Walls, Fountain of Nations)

Happy Fall, everyone! The weather was perfect to take in all the new changes coming to Epcot. From the entrance, to the former Wonders of Life, to World Showcase, here is your Epcot construction update for September 27th, 2019.

epcot_entrance_2 epcot_entrance_1

The main entrance has seen some updates. Those green pipes will support drainage for the planters that will be placed there, later.

epcot_entrance_construction_2 epcot_entrance_construction_1 epcot_entrance_construction_3 epcot_entrance_construction_4

Also at the entrance will be new tram paths and walkways for Guests. The tram lanes and the walkways from the parking lot are all much wider than before. You can also see they’re adding a security booth under the stairs. This will serve as their communication hub and office to support the lines of security scanners that will also go in under the stairs.

wonder_of_life_construction_7 wonder_of_life_construction_5 wonder_of_life_construction_4 wonder_of_life_construction_2 wonder_of_life_construction_8 wonder_of_life_construction_10

Huge news over at the former Wonder of Life pavilion. A wall went up overnight to block off the entrance and much of the front of the Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride, too. Most of the promotional material is no longer visible to Guests. We hope you had a chance to visit the pavilion before it was cordoned off for one last nostalgic moment, because from now on, it will be under construction.

fountain empty

Before we head into World Showcase, we take a brief look back at a sad sight: The empty Fountain of Nations. It was a fixture from the opening of the park. Hopefully what follows, in that area, will pay homage to it.

Port Of Entry Bathrooms

The new Port Of Entry bathrooms are coming along quickly. It will be interesting to see the design theme they have planned for it.

epcot_water_low_1 epcot_water_low_2 epcot_water_low_3

Maybe it was the summer heat, but we noticed the World Showcase Lagoon was significantly low. Water levels appear to be as much as 8 inches lower than normal. You can see the line of demarcation in each photo where the level is normally higher.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

It’s fun comparing all the latest changes at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride in the France pavilion at Epcot. Much more of the facade has been completed.

canada blue moutain

At the Canada pavilion, Blue Mountain is still getting a facelift to improve the look and add more features. Guests are still able to go into the mountain during the Food & Wine Festival.

Don’t let all the walls and barriers fool you. There are still plenty of things to do at Epcot. will be here to keep you updated on the latest in construction, changed pathways and Guest activities.

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  1. Just an educated guess, but maybe the World Showcase Lagoon is at a lower level due to some last minute EPCOT Forever installation work.

  2. Was just at epcot Wed and wow there is lot of walls! Btw, blue October was amazing! He is so good with the crowd. I do find the walls a little claustrophobic at times. It’s going to be a rough few years. The hardest part is the waiting. Disney always takes so long with these things compared to universal. It’s a huge project though and I can’t wait to see It! It looks amazing but I feel bad for first time or once in a life time guests.

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