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FuelRod Kiosks at Disney Parks Being Changed to Remove “Free Unlimited Swapping” Graphic; Future Charge for Swapping Possible

Since their arrival at Disney Parks, park guests have turned to countless trusted FuelRod kiosks for their first $30 FuelRod starter kit and enjoyed years of unlimited, free swapping once the battery ran out.

However, FuelRod kiosks at Disney Parks have started to see the “Free Unlimited Swapping” graphic be removed. You may remember that Disney Parks are one of the last few places where you can swap your FuelRod for free.

A FuelRod kiosk in Disneyland Park. (Image Credit: @Hastin on Twitter)

Many airports and other tourist destinations, including nearby theme parks, charge a nominal fee to swap your FuelRod. So, a change in policy for free swaps at Disney Parks would be a major adjustment for many guests who rely on FuelRods to keep their devices charged during their day.

Currently, FuelRod kiosks throughout Walt Disney World still show the “Free Unlimited Swapping” signage.

Another possibility is that the graphic is being updated to indicate that free unlimited swapping is not available at every FuelRod kiosk around the world.

At this time, the fate of FuelRods at Disney Parks is not known, so stay tuned to WDWNT as this story develops.

Image Credit: @hastin on Twitter

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  1. This will be so sad if there is a charge for a swap or if they get removed…. ughhhh these were amazing!!!

    1. Other locations charge $5 for the swap. It would be cheaper to invest in a better batter pack that does 7 to 8 charges.

  2. Fuelrods have always been a ripoff. $30 and you can’t even charge a phone quickly nor more than 2/3 at best. $30 spent on an Anker which is much larger, quality design and can charge insanely fast is a much better investment.

    1. I agree with Austin. Buy a 10.000 or 20.000 mAh powerbank for 15-40 usd and enjoy multiple recharges of your families devices.

    2. I never understood the point of fuel rods. Only has 2,500mah while all the phones on the market have a larger battery so it’s impossible to get one full charge. Buy an anker with more features and will give you plenty of charges for that amount of money or less.

  3. They are a waste of money anyway. I bought 2 portable batteries for $5 each and if I use them, I just charge them at night back at the hotel and ready to go next day—-done

  4. If Disneyland goes to charging a “nominal” fer for the fuelrod swaps, i will just dump my rod and buy a better recharging pak where i can get a full charge at a faster rate as well as get multiple recharges off the pak. The fuelrods are not worth the “nominal” swap fee. As much as love the ease and availability throughout the parks i will let it go!

    1. You are 100% right. I mean who has to take pictures of their family, exciting things/moments they see, parades, shows, meet and greets..oh and how dare they use their phone for mobile ordering, fastpass, wait times, reservations, park maps and interactive games that are now integrated into the park. Let’s also not forget that bright sun..if you want to see your screen do you turn up the brightness or run inside?.My point is your statement wasn’t very well thought out..

    2. I don’t think it shows misplaced priorities at all. Most people use their phones to navigate the park, get fast passes, check wait times, take pictures, keep in touch with other family members in the park. Some buy their meals and so on. If you’re in the park for a long day, your phone battery won’t make it- especially for people like me who have older phones with batteries that don’t last long.

  5. I just take my own charger which I can get 6 or more full charges out of depending on which one I use. It’s cheaper that way.

  6. 30 bucks for a fuel rod that charged my phone less then 30 percent is a rip off.
    I miss the charge lockers they used to have.

  7. “Free” is the most hated word in the Disney Corporation. “Greed is Good” will soon replace “The Happiest Place on Earth” in all the Theme Parks!

    1. More their business plan than Disney. Plenty of places are now charging and it has never been worth the price.

  8. If they start chargong I’ll just do a chargeback on my credit card since it was advertised as free swaps when I purchased it…

    1. Oh you’re good I like this one.I bought mine outside of the park via email so I can definitely do what you do charge back City for me as well

  9. Disney just doesn’t get it. Stop hiking prices up, the cow is running dry. Attendance is dropping, and price hikes are to blame.

  10. Here’s My Thing . Has anyone ever thought about buying themselves portable solar chargers and using that to charge the fuelrods ?
    If you are going to be out in the hot Florida sun all day long then why not use it to your advantage ?
    The same light above that can burn you up is also the same light that can be used to charge devices .
    Just thought I’d give you a little tip .
    – Dwight

  11. I was super disappointed when I got my fuel rod for the first time. I should have done more research, but I felt very mislead by a youtuber who I don’t recall mentioning anything negative about these…and like a dummy I bought it.

  12. If you purchased years ago when they offered free swapping I would reach out and ask how to get a refund for returning your fuel rod since this is a material breach of your original agreement. I have already sent an email inquiring how to do so. We purchased three in the past.

  13. Walt Disney World never ceases to amaze me these days. Bob Chapek is like a bloodhound who sniffs out any possible savings or positive incentives for guests and DEMOLISHES them. I swear he has a team that’s sole job is to find ways to charge for things that were free!! I thought fleecing…I mean charging resort guests (already paying a ridiculously high rate) a parking fee was completely outrageous, but this takes it a step further. Saying that other companies/theme parks charge for fuel rods is irrelevant, Disney is its own entity…stop making excuses for robbing your guests. So sad to see Disney becoming more and more a corporate business and less about the magic. Hopefully the shine on your gigantic head sets soon….please resign!!

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