PHOTOS: Monorail Returns to Regular Operating Times at Disneyland Resort

Everyone’s favorite form of transportation at Disneyland is back and ready to be boarded during the day again! As the holidays have rolled in at the Disneyland Resort, we can hop on the beloved monorail during normal operating hours once again. This summer, the hours for the monorail were reduced, leaving it closed between 11 a.m.- 6 p.m. every day. As crowd levels rise in the coming months, they’ll have additional transportation options to choose from.

Disneyland Monorail Sign
People were in no rush to board the monorail this evening.
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We saw more guests leaving Disneyland from the monorail, rather than using it as transportation in today.
Disneyland Monorail Hours of Operation Sign
The Operating Hours are now 8a.m. – 11p.m.

Guests now have the option to use the monorail as their entry or exit transportation to or from Disneyland once again. This will make it easier for guests staying at the Disneyland Hotel to have quicker access to Disneyland. Will you be catching a ride anytime soon?

3 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Monorail Returns to Regular Operating Times at Disneyland Resort”

  1. I was lucky enough to start my four night DLR vacation the same day the monorail hours were extended back to normal operating hours.
    Much appreciated since we were staying on the west side of the Resort.
    Used it a couple times during the previously closed time periods.

  2. What was the reason to limit the operation of the Monorail?
    And why not offer a choice of a Round Trip Tomorrowland to Tomorrowland or a Downtown Disney only stop?
    This would be easier to do with two Monorails running per day gee what a concept it was done in the past.
    Why not offer a stop and board with bag screening at Grand California?
    And here is my idea for DLR instead of building a whole new Hotel at DTD how about add to New Towers to The Disneyland Hotel using DTD parking North of Fantasy Tower and the other where Rainforest Cafe is and incorporate the Monorail station (Like the Old Days)??? Ok I’m done 😋😋 Oh and expand DTD to the rest of the now DTD parking.

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