PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Paris 9/20/19 (Closed Attractions, Crowds, and More!)

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Bonjour and welcome to Disneyland Paris! Let’s take a walk around the park.

Sleeping Beauty Castle looking amazing as always!

The Molly Brown and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad lined up for a perfect photo!

Phantom Manor is back and better than ever!

You enter Phantom Manor from the front porch, which gives some very cool views of Frontierland!

Autopia was down for refurbishment… messing up some great photo angles sadly!

Walls and scrims were all over the attraction jutting out into the pathway by Hyperspace Mountain and the Nautilus.

Speaking of Les Mysteres du Nautilus, that attraction is also down.

Though it may be closed, the effects outside were still working outside and it still looks amazing!

Hyperspace Mountain was also down for much of the day, meaning most of Discoveryland was pretty much shuttered.

Since the attraction was down, we got some great shots of the attraction with no people in the way.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic opened at the park in 2018.

This area of Discoveryland was very busy with Hyperspace Mountain, Nautilus, and Autopia being down.

I spy a parade float!

Some TLC happening in Fantasyland… he was hard at work getting the details just right.

It was a very busy day at the park as is evidenced by the line for FastPass at Big Thunder Mountain!

It was a great day to get some great shots of Adventure Isle.

Sleeping Beauty Castle showed up for some Golden Hour photos!

Discoveryland at night is honestly one of the best lands for photos.

Hyperspace Mountain came back up late in the day so we could use our FastPass! Still a fun ride even with a long FastPass wait.

Decided to check out the Liberty Arcade Diorama before it goes away soon.

One last shot down Main Street as we make our way out of the park! Thanks for coming along for the journey!

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Jessica Messica
Jessica Messica

Thanks for the photo report! DLP looks stunning!

J. Thornhill
J. Thornhill

I was there yesterday after a business trip to Paris. I walked past the diorama in the arcade a few times, but ignored my instinct to peek behind the curtain. I should have done it!


More frequent Disneyland Paris photo reports would be great.