disneyland paris dapper dan's hair cuts barber shop

Dapper Dan’s Barber Shop to Fill Liberty Arcade Diorama at Disneyland Paris

disneyland paris dapper dan's hair cuts barber shop

At a recent InsideEars event, Daniel Delcourt from Disneyland Paris Operations announced that Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts will soon be relocated inside the Liberty Arcade. The barber shop is currently located in the Emporium in Disneyland Park, with an entrance located on Flower Street, and the Liberty Arcade is currently home to the beautiful Statue of Liberty Diorama.

As shown in the blueprints from OutsidEars, you can see the current location of the barber shop and the planned future site, where the Statue of Liberty Diorama is currently located.

OUTSIDEARS BP 1 Disneyland Paris

The blueprint below shows the future barber shop entrance inside the Liberty Arcade. It looks as though the current Statue of Liberty mural at the entrance of the diorama will disappear.

OUTSIDEARS BP 2 Disneyland Paris

The next blueprint shows the plans for the interior and you can see that the popular diorama itself looks to be kept visible for guests.

OUTSIDEARS BP 3 Disneyland Paris

OUTSIDEARS BP 4 Disneyland Paris

It’s a rather strange set-up for a barber shop, just sort of crammed inside a diorama viewing area.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming location change of the Dapper Dan’s barber shop?

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