PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 9/7/19 (Low Crowds, Batuu Appreciation, Galaxy’s Edge Mobile Ordering, and More!)

Bright Suns from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! No, that greeting isn’t old yet, and no, the excitement of Galaxy’s Edge now being open and a regular part of this park has not worn off yet, so please excuse me if I continue to use the language in everyday life, not just when I visit Batuu.

I started my day down Sunset Boulevard. It was previously my favorite area on Disney property (bet you can’t guess what took its spot, but don’t worry, if you’re stumped, stay tuned, WE’LL GET THERE.) The new makeover of the Legends of Hollywood store is still really clean and classic-looking and I love the 1930’s department store vibe (even if the entrance facade is that of a theater?)

I love that they have a dedicated changing area for all of the Dress Shop dresses, and the triple mirrors really are a nice touch.

Wait times have remained extremely low throughout the park, and Tower of Terror was sitting pretty at a 10 minute wait. I’m really partial to when they put the themed 13 minutes up on the sign, though. An extra 3 minutes wouldn’t deter me from getting into the queue, especially since it works so well with the story.

I noticed and lingered on these posters in Beverly Sunset Boutique and it made me nostalgic for the Great Movie Ride.

In Toy Story Land, the two attractions with usually two of the longest waits in the park, if not on property, had only a 10 and 15 minute wait this morning. The parks have been very quiet recently, and if you’re a local and aren’t taking advantage of this beautiful time, you’re really missing out.

The queue of Slinky Dog Dash is working on getting a shaded cover installed, which is some of the first shade that’s been seen in Toy Story Land, outside of the eyesores of the temporary umbrellas.

I had a moment reminiscing about how just a week ago, I stood here taking pictures of a construction wall and looking at those spires peeking over the top of it, and now I can walk right into Galaxy’s Edge. I can’t believe the wait is over!

Over on Batuu, Oga’s Cantina didn’t have a wait at all this morning and they were accepting walk ups! Granted, it was before noon, and Oga’s is a bar, but that hasn’t stopped a queue from forming before, and that certainly wouldn’t stop me from popping in for a Fuzzy Tauntaun.

Mobile ordering has come to the Black Spire Outpost! That’s right, you can now order your Blue Milk with rum (the most superior of all the milks, obviously) from the Milk Stand and a Ronto Wrap from Ronto Roasters on your data pad (your cell phone, for those not hip to the Batuu lingo).

The wait time for Smuggler’s Run was posting 40 minutes, but it was down to 30 by the time I left the land, and I heard tell of it dropping even further, with some even getting their very own cockpit. Today would have been an amazing day to fly the Falcon.

Speaking of the Falcon, have you spotted the tiny little baby Millennium Falcon on the big Falcon? It’s right underneath the grey strip in the photos, above the piping. Supposedly. there might be more hidden Falcons throughout the land, but this is the only one we’ve seen so far. Let us know if you spot any more!

Sometimes, just standing here looking at this sight, I can’t believe it’s really real and that I’m really here. This land is absolutely stunning, I truly feel like I am in the Star Wars universe, getting to live my own Star Wars story with every visit to Batuu.

The Loth-Cat in the Creature Stall and I have the same favorite toy from Toydarian Toymaker.

This trash can was the very first detail I cried over on my first trip to Batuu, because I immediately recognized the number on it as the number of the trash compactor Luke, Han, Chewy, and Leia got stuck in in Episode IV: A New Hope. Bless the Imagineer that had the thought to print these on every trash can. It’s just an obscure enough reference to make the die-hard Star Wars fans emotional, like me.

We recently celebrated #LightningMcQueenDay! Because, 9/5, 95. Get it?

The crowd levels were so small, that the Cast Members outside were getting to have a bit of fun with some games with the Guests, like this ring toss set up.

The Oasis Canteen also had a very short line, so if you wanted to pick up a Lost Jewel or a Long Lost Island, it was a good time for it today.

Mickey’s of Hollywood has all its scrims down, and we’re down to just this last little piece of wall left as we anticipate its reopening.

That’s all for my day around Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Keep checking WDWNT for all the latest news! Rising Moons!

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