PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 9/17/19 (Remy’s Hide & Squeak Prize Tumblers, Construction Updates, Lights Out at ImageWorks, and More!)

This morning, we checked into Epcot right at rope drop. Spaceship Earth is such a stunning sight still, despite all the construction that now surrounds it.

All four cups are still available as prizes from “Remy’s Hide and Squeak” Scavenger Hunt! Hurry though, one or two prizes always tend to run out before the festival is over!

Despite many recent closures, The Art of Disney still remains intact and operational. It’s set to remain open through December 15.

The canopy that blankets Pin Central is one of my favorite elements of Epcot’s design.

Next we popped into Mouse Gear to check out anything that might be new!

Some of the Figment merchandise available for this year’s festival.

Aren’t these keychains neat? A little pricey for a keychain, though, at $14.99!

Plenty of “Dream Friends” to choose from!

The cutest of the “Dream Friends” line, Figment!

Still using the re-purposed Club Cool shelving unit… What’s next? Bottled Beverly?

We noticed how dirty and worn the reused shelves looked. This is not Disney show quality…

This year’s Food & Wine Festival’s wristband Disney gift card features Chef Remy!

Next we stopped at The Imagination Institute’s store—ImageWorks.

Upon entering the store, half of the power seemed to be out, we found out they were having issues with the power staying on, which also caused the “Journey into Imagination with Figment” attraction to remain un-operational until the issue was fixed!

Before we headed back out into the park, I wanted to capture one of the most creative meet and greet entryways… this is for the Wreck-It Ralph meet and greet inside Image Works. This represents the gateway Ralph and Vanellope used to access the internet in Disney’s film “Wreck-It Ralph”!

Let’s see what’s happening in The Land pavilion…

The crowd level in The Land was actually surprisingly a bit higher than we expected, this was at about 10:00 AM and Soarin’ was at a 40 minute wait, while Living with the Land was at a 20 minute wait. This is a little higher than it’s been lately.

“Mine! Mine! Mine!” The water feature at the front of The Seas with Nemo & Friends was not working this morning…

Here is the new temporary location for Epcot’s new “Character Spot” during all of the renovations at the park. Here you can meet Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.

A bit crowded… but you get the idea.

This Electric Umbrella fluorescent sign is a pretty cool retro aspect of the restaurant, and one thing that remains untouched. This restaurant is also slated to join all the other scheduled refurbishments.

Check out this cool souvenir Chef Remy spoon straw, exclusive to the Food & Wine festival, and its only $4!

I love this detailed prop at the Port of Entry store at the entrance to World Showcase, and here we will begin our loop around.

We briefly checked in to China where we were shocked to see no line or wait for the specialty cotton candy! A very rare sight…

Over at the Outpost, we found some displaced Club Cool merchandise. Interesting, right?

$1,295 Pooh plush, anyone? This gem made by Steiff can be found at the Der Teddybar store in Germany.

This was the line in Italy for the proclaimed “Tyson chicken nuggets.” Seriously, though… Tyson chicken in Italy?

Things got a little wet over in France…

Skyliner testing continues.

We found these little additions to the UK absolutely adorable… Do you recognize these dogs?

Lastly, before heading out for the day, we stopped to check the progress on the exterior of the Canada pavilion. The scaffolding remains and painting is still in progress.

This was the crowd level around 2:00 PM, for reference.

That about sums up today’s visit to EPCOT, stay tuned for the next photo report from WDWNT!

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1 year ago

I thought wagon strollers were no longer allowed

1 year ago
Reply to  Justin

excellent point, we just got back and i didn’t see any signage or anything about the stroller sizes. i didn’t happen to see any of these, but i expected signage and didn’t see any. we did see one of those absolutely ridiculous pumpkin carriage strollers, i cannot believe how huge and cumbersome those are.

1 year ago

Those kite things in Epcot’s main court are hideous and I will be glad to see them go.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anthony

if you mean those diamond shade canopies i wholeheartedly disagree!!! all of WDW is severely lacking in shade, and MORE canopies just like this around the property would do wonders (toy story land first!). these have an extremely small footprint but provide a substantial amount of shade on walkways and they really need to have them everywhere. even temp ones for the festivals, as there is literally no shade at most of the booths.

1 year ago

Aren’t those the type of dogs the Queen has?

UK Pavilion