PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/1/19 (More Hurricane Preparations, New Designer Ears, and More!)

Alright Central Florida, while Hurricane Dorian’s path might have shifted away from us for right now, the potential can still be felt in the parks, between the lower crowd levels and the hurricane preparations we’re still seeing around the park. If you’re a local, this is always an interesting time to make a visit to Magic Kingdom, so let’s take a walk around!

We’ve been seeing a lot of decorations around the park being removed, taken down, and secured the past few days, but Main Street USA is still fully decked out for Halloween. There was a Halloween party the night before this morning, so that’s probably why these were left up for now. I assumed they would be coming down in the next couple of days, but with the projected path shifting so far away from us at this point, it will be interesting to see if these linger on a bit.

On Main Street, the impact of the impending hurricane can definitely be felt in the crowd level. All of the stores were almost completely empty this morning, it was kind of surreal.

The next set of ears in the Designer collection hit the shelves today, these new Hipster Mickey ears. As a glasses wearer already, this is a design I am not going to rush to purchase, to avoid wearing two pairs of glasses at the same time. But, in true hipster fashion, Mickey’s glasses do not have any lenses in them. I’m also not a big fan of the whole hat-on-a-hat thing, but hey, to each their own, and if you like them, you can pick them up for $58 in Main Street Cinema.

I also spotted this new Jim Shore Haunted Mansion piece. These hitchhiking ghosts in a doom buggy originally debuted at the D23 Expo in celebration of Haunted Mansion’s 50th anniversary. The ghosts glow in the dark, and can also be found at Main Street Cinema, for $85.

Even though Spider-Man Far From Home came out a few months ago, a few new Spider-Man phone cases have appeared in the D-Tech On Demand kiosks. The Spidey & Ned case and the Peter & MJ case are both $34.99, and the solo Spider-Man and Mysterio cases are $29.99. All have the option of customizing for $5.

Merchant of Venus in Tomorrowland has been closed the past few mornings. It usually opens with the park, but lately it has been waiting to open until 11, along with Auntie Gravity’s.

The Tron construction is continuing to move along, with a lot more of the structural supports for the show building installed. We did see a piece of show element installed a few days ago, but it has since been removed, most likely in anticipation of the hurricane.

All of the banners around Storybook Circus remain rolled up and secured, and today they got around to the big banners that hang on either side of the entrance as well.

The new pathway by Cinderella Castle is still coming together. New blue shutters were installed on the wall of the newly widened pathway and add a nice pop of color to this area. There’s still some landscaping work to be done and the moat to refill, but this project is coming to an end.

I will always miss the trees that we saw pop up here for a couple days though. RIP pathway trees, you were short lived, I might have never gotten to walk with you once upon a widened pathway dream, but I loved you at once, and I’ll never forget you.

That’s all for my walk around Magic Kingdom! But wait, on my way out, I did notice that the See Ya Real Soon pumpkins were missing from the archways over the train station. Those are my favorite Halloween decorations on Main Street, so even if everything else blows away, I am content knowing those are safe.

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