PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/29/19 (Low Morning Crowds, Goofy’s Hat, Camels and More!)


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PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/29/19 (Low Morning Crowds, Goofy’s Hat, Camels and More!)


Updated on:

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/29/19 (Low Morning Crowds, Goofy’s Hat, Camels and More!)

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Good morning from Main St. U.S.A. We arrived bright and early for our visit this morning to the Magic Kingdom. Here was our view on the other side of the train station!  Such a beautiful day already!

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This was the state of the Emporium first thing in the morning, the best time to go shopping!

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We discovered yet another promotion Disney running: in addition to the Halloween pin sale mentioned here, there is now a Halloween apron & kitchen towel set sale. AKA, a “We made too much stuff” sale!

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Man, where is everyone?

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We found this cool new Nightmare Before Christmas Zero ink pen, the price was $14.99. A little steep for a pen…

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Close up view of the expensive pen.

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Yoo hoo? Anybody here? We thought maybe crossing the street might help, but clearly not – no one was in the Main St. Confectionary either…it sure smelled good though!

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We thought ok, maybe, just maybe, everyone was lined up to buy the new Heidi Klum designer ears at Uptown Jewelers. Spoiler Alert: that was not the case either…

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Heading towards the Main Street Bakery (Starbucks)…here we go, found everyone!

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Here she is, Cinderella Castle, such a beautiful castle. From what we can tell, all of the holiday lights seem to be hung up already on the castle’s exterior.

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This was after 9:00am, an hour past regular park opening. The park had also been open for EMH since 7:00am. Nice crowds so far!

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This is “Where is everyone” part II. Apparently food & beverage is lacking in the morning and no one cares. Seems silly not to have a place open like Sleepy Hollow (pictured above) that serves waffles, as soon as guests are in the park.

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Over at the Haunted Mansion, the birthday lady at the end of the table who is normally blowing out her birthday candles is STILL missing. We are going on two months now since she disappeared, did someone say “998 Happy Haunts”? BRING HER BACK! Pictured above is the present day, pictured below is what should be there…

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This makes me sad…

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Anyways…moving out from the Haunted Mansion exit, it’s always nice to stop and say hello to Mr. Toad in the pet cemetery.

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Full view of the Haunted Mansion pet cemetery.

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Over in Adventureland, the spitting camel had its head on straight today but it really wasn’t moving too well, and the water stream was also running short.

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They should sell this sign at the art stores, just saying…

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During the first performance of the Move it, Shake it, Dance it Parade, Goofy made an appearance while wearing his hat! This has become a long running joke, as he had been missing his hat for at least a couple of weeks up until now.

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On our way out for the morning we passed through Tomorrowland, where there was quite a line forming for the Peoplemover. Whenever this happens for this attraction, its a pretty good indication that the rest of the park is most likely getting crowded. Today it seemed like the park went from extremely dead to extremely busy in a short time span!  That about sums up another photo report from the Magic Kingdom, stay tuned for the next one from WDWNT!

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  1. If there’s a line for the people mover you KNOW the more popular rides are packed! BTW I can never refer to The Aloha Isle as the Sunshine Tree Terrace. The only Sunshine Tree Terrace to me is the one next to Tiki Room. :)

  2. We”ve been there for a day to four many times (I think 6) over the last six years while visiting family in the area. We’ve visited in September, February, May, June and the crowds make it not fun. Magic Kingdom is not big enough nor does it have enough attractions for it’s crowd capacity. Animal Kingdom was so packed last time we visited, we left after 3 hours. You couldn’t walk, the pathways were so crowded. Love the cleanliness, attractions, and magic but will not be returning due to overcrowding.

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