PHOTOS: Construction Walls, Fencing Now Up Around Entire Perimeter of Former Wonders of Life and Universe of Energy at Epcot

As if Epcot didn’t have enough construction walls up as it is, a few more went up overnight, enveloping virtually half of what remains of Future World East––or as it will be known after Epcot’s “neighborhood” concept reimagining, World Discovery.

Whereas you could previously walk up to the outer entrance ramps of the old Wonders of Life pavilion, it’s now blocked off by construction walls, which wrap all the way across to the former Universe of Energy, even covering up some of the fun themed Guardians of the Galaxy construction walls that were previously on display. Let’s take a closer look at what’s been walled off so far:

The walls originate over by Mission: Space as they wrap around the entire surrounding area.

A peek over the fence shows the reinforced construction walls, plus some of the planters that remain. (Peeking out in the back is the old Wonders of Life.)

The walls then convert to fences with scrim on them as the perimeter traverses over some green spaces.

Just past the fencing, you can see the old Wonders of Life/Festival Center, which is currently under construction to become the new Play Pavilion. You can still see some of the fencing that went up recently, plus some covers over the sun roof panels, and some additional materials staged down at the entrance.

As we move on over to the Universe of Energy/Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, you see even more materials staged just outside the previously existing construction walls.

Here, you can see where the new black (non-themed) construction walls meet the popular Guardians of the Galaxy themed walls that previously wrapped around the attraction entrance area.

Only a small section of the themed construction wall remains.

While construction walls are deemed a “necessary evil” ahead of all the big changes coming to Epcot, between the walls that greet guests just as they enter by the old fountain and now-extinct Leave a Legacy monoliths, followed by the walls that now surround the entire Fountain of Nations area, plus what seems like a sea of walls scattered about Future World, the park does seem rather gutted, at least for now.

While a shocking sight for many, they are a sign of big things to come as we inch towards a newly reimagined Epcot. What do you think of the current state of the park?

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