PHOTOS: Latest Construction Update on Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Walkway to the Magic Kingdom

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Construction is currently taking place along the canal between the Grand Floridian and the Magic Kingdom as a new walkway bridge is being added. This walkway and bridge would make it possible for guests to walk from the Polynesian and Grand Floridian to the Magic Kingdom. While not much has happened at this construction site, additional construction will be taking place overnight for the next two days, so we figured we’d cover the current state of things:

We can see the crane and other equipment set up as we pass by on the monorail. Having a path to walk to the Magic Kingdom might also cut down on the crowds using the monorails.

There are a few metal beams stacked around the area, plus a makeshift dock off to the side.

The same small section of railings are still in place on one end of the bridge, which has been staged and sitting here for a few weeks now, even through Hurricane Dorian.

This is such an interesting looking bridge. I’m having flashbacks to a time I dropped my credit card on a bridge like this and it slipped between the planks. Unlike most bridges, this will actually act as a swing-arm bridge, swinging over to the side whenever any barges, like the Electric Water Pageant, have to pass through.

We haven’t seen too much happening around this site since the initial work started, but we do know that there will be more work taking place overnight soon. There hasn’t been any significant change, but we are monitoring the progress. We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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There’s another canal just north of the Grand Floridian that has to be crossed by this path, or the walkway will need to be routed along Floridian Way. Can you tell how they’re going to handle the smaller canal near the Grand Floridian?