PHOTOS: New Mickey Mouse Club Apparel Arrives at the Magic Kingdom

If you’re a fan of the Mickey Mouse Club, or even just 80’s and 90’s fashions, then we have found something for you! A new line of MMC apparel has arrived at the Magic Kingdom. We spotted this colorful collection in Mickey’s Star Traders, and we instantly fell in love. Let’s take a look!


Mickey Mouse Club Denim Jacket -$69.99

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This jacket is amazing! We couldn’t resist the mismatched sleeves with such a fun print.

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There’s a few patches on the front, including an “MMC” and Mickey Mouse Club logo.

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The back has another colorful image of Mickey in the center of the logo.


Mickey Mouse Club Crop Top – $49.99

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This long sleeved crop top features Mickey on the front, ready to impress with his flashy style.


Mickey Mouse Club Top – $34.99

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This white shirt features the Mickey Mouse Club logo on the front, with a tie in the front. It pairs well with the jacket.


Mickey Mouse Club Shorts – $34.99

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These elastic waist shorts have a cute Mickey drawstring, pockets, and patches. There’s even details on the cuffs. These are so cute!

We’re kind of obsessed with these new items here at the Magic Kingdom. Will you be adding any of these to your wardrobe?

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