PHOTOS: New Monorails Coming to Tokyo’s Disney Resort Line Starting in 2020

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: New Monorails Coming to Tokyo’s Disney Resort Line Starting in 2020

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: New Monorails Coming to Tokyo’s Disney Resort Line Starting in 2020

It’s just non-stop news from Tokyo Disney Resort this week, and lots of stuff happening at Tokyo Disney Resort in 2020! The New Fantasyland expansion opens April 15, 2020, and we now have even more big news for next year! Starting next spring, we’ll be seeing the introduction of new “Type-C” monorails on the Disney Resort Line! The current fleet has been in service since 2001, so this change is about on-time for their service life. The Oriental Land Company also stated that the entire fleet will be replaced by 2024, bringing an end to the current “Type-10” monorails.

TDR NewMonorail 3

The new monorails look roughly the same as the current monorails, with the distinction being the colored stripe having two wavy stripes rather than one, like the current monorails. The Mickey Mouse-shaped windows will also increase in size.

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This is our current monorail, in service since the Resort Line began operations in July 2001.

TDR NewMonorail 1

TDR NewMonorail 2

As for the interior, both the height and width of the interior space have been widened, and the seat shape is changing from a curved seat to a long seat. This decision was made to improve the boarding/disembarking process, and to make the trip more comfortable. In addition, each vehicle has a free space for wheelchairs or strollers, and wide free spaces are in place on the 3rd and 4th cars of each train.. At both ends, the observation seats on the top vehicle have had their seat positions adjusted to allow for better stroller/wheelchair access as well. In addition, the Mickey-shaped straps for standing passengers have been adjusted to fit three different levels, so Guests of all heights can reach them. Also, the lighting has been moved from direct overhead lighting to less visible lighting around the ceiling and below seats to create a warmer and more modern environment. As I mentioned earlier, these trains will be introduced starting next spring, and will roll out through 2024. This means they’ll (hopefully) complete the fleet following the end of the Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary celebration!

I already love the look of these new Disney Resort Line monorails, and can’t wait to see their introduction next year! Gosh, there’s so many things coming next year! Between these new monorails, the New Fantasyland Expansion, the Olympics, and the new main entrance at Tokyo Disneyland, 2020 will be the year to visit Tokyo Disney Resort for sure!

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  1. I’m glad to see that they are getting new monorail trains. It’s a shame they can’t do the same at WDW in Florida. Our monorails need to be replaced. Hope they do it soon. I saw the pictures Tom took when he went Tokyo about 2 weeks ago. It looks awesome.

  2. I’m sorry, but…shouldn’t the executives at the US Parks, mainly Walt Disney World, be EMBARRASSED that Tokyo continues to out do them in park maintenance, up keep, and re-investment into their parks while our monorails fall apart? Seriously!

  3. Any chance Disneyland or DisneyWorld can get their old Monorails? It is just so shocking how much Tokyo outdoes the USA Disney Parks.

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