PHOTOS: New Open Edition Figment MagicBand Appears at Walt Disney World

We were browsing through the MagicBands today at the Magic Kingdom when one of a royal purple pigment caught our attention. No, it’s not your imagination… there’s a brand new Figment band!

Fans of Epcot’s beloved Figment will be excited to see his smiling face on this new MagicBand for $24.99. Thankfully, it’s an open edition band.

The base of the band is a light purple color and decorated by all of Figment’s features. His little orange wings are just too cute.

You can see two tiny orange wings and his adorable tail on one side of the band. There’s no denying that’s Figment!

The other side features Figment’s cute pink belly, big yellow eyes, and his smiling face. It’s nice to see Figment getting so much love recently.

We spotted these bands at Frontier Trading Post at the Magic Kingdom, but they should start to show up all around the resort, soon. Will you be adding this band to your collection? This might not be the cutest Figment band, but we have no choice but to stan our favorite Epcot dragon.


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