PHOTOS: Remy’s Hide & Squeak Prize Travel Tumblers at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2019

We’ve already eaten our way around the world a few times during this year’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. We always enjoy the “Scavenger Hunt” type of activities offered during the different festivals. Remy’s Hide and Squeak is back again this year, and we really love the prizes!

To play, you’ll need to purchase a Remy’s Hide and Squeak map. There are 4 prizes, and you can pick one prize per map, so if you’re looking to get a full set of prizes, you’ll need to purchase 4 maps. Each map is $6.99, and Annual Passholder discounts apply. The map folds out, and includes stickers. As you travel around Epcot, keep an

eye out for Remy hiding around the park. Once you spot him hiding, you’ll put the corresponding Remy sticker next to the location on the map. Once you’ve made your way around and found Remy with all the ingredients, you can redeem your scavenger hunt map for a prize!

There are 4 tumblers to choose from when you win. Of course, you can play as much as you’d like and continue to earn more cups. We love how cute they are!

The tumblers feature Mickey, Minnie, Remy, and Figment. They’re actually really nice prizes for $6.99. The back of each tumbler says “Taste Your Way Around the World” with images of food and Spaceship Earth around it.

Maps can be found at multiple festival gift shop locations around Epcot. We suggest you grab a map (or 4) and get to finding Remy soon. The prizes are great, and it’s so much fun!