PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/12/19 (Arendelle Aqua Arrives, Castle Pathway Landscaping, Roaming Pirates, and More!)

We’re back out bright and early at the Magic Kingdom! Let’s see what we can find today.

Arendelle Aqua has arrived! There is plenty of new merchandise, and it’s been released even sooner than expected. We were surprised that there was a full display of merchandise in the Emporium.

We’re excited to see the beautiful foliage coming together along the Cinderella Castle pathway. Patches of grass line the little hill farthest away from the path. They seem to be refilling the moat slowly, and it already looks so much prettier. We can’t wait until it’s lush and green all around, and we have a full moat!

We can’t decide if seeing this many people around Astro Orbiter is a good sign or a bad one.

Over in Adventureland, near Pirates of the Caribbean, we’ve found a crew of roaming pirates. They were having fun interacting with guests and taking pictures. We really enjoyed seeing how much fun everyone was having hanging out with this pirate crew.

It appears at if the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is going to be getting a new sign. We’ve been patiently waiting, so we can’t wait to see it. Ever since they reopened, there have been two gray bracket type of pieces on the roof. The red is a good sign that something new will be there very soon!

Just a quick look at TRON Lightcycle Run. The show scene element hasn’t returned yet, and we’re curious as to when we’ll see it again.

Of course, we can’t forget about taking a look at some snacks. The Chocolate Flourless Cake is still available at Pecos Bills for $6.99.

Purple and orange cotton candy should be a year-round thing. Or at least served at Epcot near the Imagination Pavilion.

That’s about it for today. We’re gonna stop by the Emporium and get some Arendelle Aqua Crocs and head on out of here. Thanks for joining us around the Magic Kingdom!

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