Prices Set to Increase for Fireworks Dessert Parties at the Magic Kingdom in February 2020

If you’re a fan of Fireworks Dessert Parties at the Magic Kingdom, you may have to start leaving some more room in your budget for next year, as prices are increasing starting February 2020 for all three versions of the dessert party:

7 thoughts on “Prices Set to Increase for Fireworks Dessert Parties at the Magic Kingdom in February 2020”

  1. We actually just did this. Paid to do the terrace viewing. Would not do that one again because we missed a lot of what was projected onto the castle. I would consider paying to do the one either before or after, but not sure at the new prices. Didn’t seem to be worth the money.

  2. ONLY Plaza garden viewing is worth the money. You’d miss too much staying at Tomorrowland Terrace (you’d lose almost all of the projections) and to pay extra to do that is absurd — you’d be just as happy (or happier) going to California Grill and not having to deal with the wall-to-wall people trying to get out of MK afterwards. The food is pretty great (I have smaller meals and cut back on the snacks I would have otherwise eaten throughout the day to balance out some of the cost) and being able to see all of Happily Ever After in a comfortable space with a great view and actual breathing room is worth half the price of the party all on its own (for me). If anything, I’m kind of surprised the price increase for the Plaza wasn’t higher — why anyone would pay for the Tomorrowland Terrace party with the new shows is beyond me. I’ve had some *nightmare* experiences with the rude, nasty crowds packed into the hub to watch Happily Ever After. If I’m not doing a dessert party, I don’t go anywhere near that mess.

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